How is China in Epcot for dinner?


Also when you order say sesame chicken do you get anything else with it?


China has gotten a bad rap for their VERY expensive not so authentic chinese food over the years. Even after redoing the restaurant, no one has really had any excitement about eating there…I honestly would go to the quick service place or yak and yeti for some chinese first. the prices are more on par with chinese take-out.


I’m one of those who rated Nine Dragons as “avoid”.
That was before they redid the menu, but I’m leery.
There’s plenty of good Chinese restaurants that deliver in my neighborhood.
This is similar to my reason for avoiding Bongo’s when looking for Cuban food.
That said, since the re-do, I’ve got no idea.


Ate there twice…I guess I wanted to give it a second chance…I won’t give it a third! There are so many other GREAT places to choose from in Epcot!


Some day I am going to try Nine Dragons - just for the heck of it. Has it ever gotten a good review? On the other hand, the Lotus Cafe counterservice is very good. The orange chicken is especially tasty.


Ditto! One day I am going to try it just to try it. :laugh:

I’ve never ever read a good review let alone a great review.
I agree with Llama though…the Lotus Blossom is wonderful! I’ve eaten there several times and I love it.


We considered naming a band Orange Chicken after having it on the buffet at Jade Fountain in Clifton NJ. But that was 30 years ago!




Thanks all we might switch to another resturant. :blink:


Probably a good idea.


We ate there once and didn’t like it at all. I figured that if it was authentic Chinese food, that I much prefer the Americanized-Chinese food that we usually get!


We just got reservations to San Angel Inn. We are scraping china.