How is Disney in November?


Sorry guys, long time no love.
My boss (who is also a DVC member) was trying to go in October but pretty much everything was booked up (except saratoga springs.) Sooooo… he is going in November the 10th-17th. How is the weather? how tough are dinner reservations to get? is it warm enough to swim? lines super long?



Nov 10-17, weather should be roughly Florida normal. That means most likely mid 80’s during the day and low to mid 60’s at night. Rain chance is always a crap shoot, especially if the first strong cold front comes through.
Crowds shouldn’t be too bad, plus MK will already be starting their Christmas parties and Christmas decorations will be up.
Avoid WDW the week before Thanksgiving!
Crowds should be between 4-6 on a scale of 1-10.


thanks a million brother


No prob Johnny.


it should be fine with a little luck we have been there and the weather was very nice,swimming is possible and likely


about those dining reservations …always tough


The best! You can catch the last of the F7W Festival, Osborne Lights starts around the 9th and holiday decorations go up at MK


That is a good time to be there.


We are hoping to go Nov 2016 during that time, just for those reasons.


That is a great time of year to go. The weather is great, warm during the day and cool at night. There is no true off season anymore, but the crowds are not too bad. Dining is always difficult now.