How is lunch at CRT?


Just wondering if anyone out there has been to CRT for lunch lately. We were lucky enough to get an ADR just before they change it to a 2 TS option meal.

How is the food? Service? Characters? etc. etc.

We were there for breakfast a few years ago and while the atmosphere and characters were wonderful the food was definitely NOT.

Thanks for any info!
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we only had lunch at CRT about a year ago. i enjoyed it. go to to check out the current menu. i had some sort of fish sandwich, which i didn’t order but it was given to me and for some reason i didn’t complain about it. but it was good i must say. the service is great. they are so nice and friendly over there.


Is it now a buffett lunch?

When it was a menu lunch, it was delicious (but heavy on the garlic).

I’m afraid the Character meal will cheapen the food.


Still a menu lunch according to AllEars. I’m thinking Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin…


I had a co-worker do this a while back. She loved it and on her recomendation we are doing it this January.


What I understood on Allears (unless it has changed since I looked last) is that it is a menu, but a limited one. We are eating there but for dinner instead, we’re doing the 1900 Park Faire option for the Cinderella meal instead.


I just now figured out that CRT stands for “Cinderella’s Royal Table.” :blush:


No, it’s Cousin Randy’s Truckstop. Try to keep up, David. :tongue:


I kept thinking “Cathode Ray Tube”? No, no, that can’t be right. “Carribbean…” no. “Coronado…” no, that begins with an S…


We were there in July and it was a menu lunch. It was absolutely delicious. We will go there again.


Thanks! That’s what I wanted to hear!! Now maybe they will stop with the Crazy Ranting Tales…


We were there in October and didn’t like it all. We much prefer breakfast and honestly I wouldn’t use 2 TS for either one. 1900 Park Fare is soooo much better IMHO.


We just ate lunch at the CRT on Sunday, Dec. 11, 2005. It was our first time eating there and went primarily for the experience and for the DD’s to see the Princesses. No one in our party really expected to like the food, but we were all pleasantly surprised. We ordered the Major Domo and pan-seared salmon. Both were very good.

I have heard that beginning in January (I think) that some of the menus will be changing, but I am not sure where I read that.

We would eat there again.


We are like you - going for the experience. But I’m glad to know you liked the food. I figure we’ll go in Jan while it is only a 1 TS option, then next time maybe try 1900 Park Fair…DD always says she wants to go back to the castle - so that’s what we’ll do!

Thanks for the opinions everybody!