How is the Disney Transportation?


On our upcoming trip, I am considering not renting a car since we are staying at the Swan. I am really nervous about this since DH can’t stand to wait in long lines. Can anyone tell me about the transportation from the Swan to the parks–especially to AK and MK? We will be there Dec. 16-22 and then we will head over to the Hard Rock for Christmas. Every trip that we have gone, we have always commented on how happy we were that we did not have to wait in those horrible lines for the busses as we were leaving the parks. I know that the lines for the All Star busses were always longer, so I am just trying to get a feel for the busses and the waits before we make our final decision. Thanks for any advice and information.


I think you’ll be pleased with just the fact that you’ll be able to walk (or a short boat ride) to both Epcot and MGM.

When we stayed at the BC, we shared a few busses with the Swan once in while. I don’t remember having any issues getting to and from the MK and AK.


I have never used transportation to/from the Swan but the rest of Disney transportation is easy and quick.


Personally, I wouldn’t go to Disney, except maybe a short trip, without a car. Part of the reason is because I also go to Universal but mostly because I like to be in control of my own destiny. Disney transpo isn’t bad, just that I have virtually no patience.


If you spend most of your time in Epcot and mGM,The Swan is great because you can walk to both.


We never rent a car, but I think if you’re used to having one, going without will be difficult. Swan busses often serve the Dolphin, Boardwalk, and Yacht & Beach Clubs as well and can offer some long lines occasionally. Epcot and MGM won’t be hard (though lines for the boat for MGM can be long), but MK and AK will probably try your husband’s patience.


Wait . . . You can drive your car out there!? I only know of the busses and can’t fathom the hassle with a car. Plan accordingly on Disney transportation - leaving the park with everyone else guarantees a wait leaving even 15 minutes to closing could work out in your favor. Don’t be fooled you will wait but maybe not as long as you fear.


WDW bus transportation returning from the parks is the mother of all lines! For the sake of your husband, rent a car. Otherwise, you’ll never hear the end of it.


I say rent a car. We used to ride the buses all the time, but we really like the convenience of just going to the car and going anywhere we please. Plus if you plan on dining at another resort, changing buses can get frustrating, especially at park closing times.


Pooh Fan, here is the TRUTH!!!

Swan is great – You will walk or take a lovely boatride via the Freindship launches to MGM and Epcot. In fact, you will enter Epcot by France, so after fireworks, you willexit there as well and have a lovely walk back to your hotel.

As for MK (and this is important!), the busses park closer to the park than the monorail, which means you may wait in a brief line at your hotel, but you will pull up right at the gate to the park! If you drive, you will wait in a line to be herded into the TTC gi-normous parking lot, you will wait for a tram, you will wait for a monorail, and then you will walk from the monorail station to the park! All in all, you save a great deal of time and energy by taking that bus!

As for AK, the same holds true: You will take a free bus from your door to the closest parking spots in the AK lot! Door-to-door service! no waiting in line to pay for parking, no waiting in line to pull into your space, no waiting for that tram!


Although we have never stayed at the Swan, I can say that we have always been happy with the transporation at Disney. We have always commented on how fast they move the crowds. We have stayed at both the all-star hotels and the moderate hotels; with both of them I found the bus transporation to be fine, the only problem is you don’t always get a seat. You might have to stand in the isle, but you are back at your hotel within minutes.
The guestion I guess you need to ask yourself, is will you be using the car to go off of disney property or will you be staying on site the whole vacation? When we stay on site the whole vacation we don’t rent a car, it doesn’t pay especially now that they have the magical express from the airport.

Have a great day!

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Over the last few years, we’ve used our car for every park except MK. This past trip with my dd we relied solely on Disney buses and they were great! In fact, my dh has decided that maybe we don’t need a car next time. From the Swan, I’d certainly walk to MGM - maybe even Epcot. I’d never take a car to MK under any circumstances - too much hassle. I think you’ll find that Disney transporation is pretty darn good!


Yall have almost convinced me that we will be ok not renting a car. I am trying to save some money since this 11 day trip is going to cost almost as much as our monthlong trip. Crazy hugh? After our experiences at the Values, we have decided that for us we need to stay at the deluxes for a shorter trip. That being said, I am wincing at the cost of this trip, so if we can save 400-600 dollars by not renting the SUV, then I am all for it. I guess worst case scenario, we can catch a taxi if DH’s blood starts to boil when he sees a long line.


jeannie -
I have never rented a car and have always relied on WDW transportation. I haven’t ever really had a problem. It can be crowded at open and close times, but the system is works just fine. you will be happy with it. :cool:


I think the transportation is great. Of course you can hear horror stories, but, think about how many people disney transportation moves in just one day! Just remember its always the timing. If you just missed a bus, you are going to have to wait. The only place I ever found the wait too long was at the TTC. We waited forever for a bus to MGM there once. The Swan is really nice! I hope to stay there some day too! And the walk is lovely to MGM & Epcot, and to the boardwalk area from the Swan & Dolphin.


And if for some reason you decide you HAVE to rent a car for a day, you can rent one right from the Swan!!! Like $50 or $60. How convenient is that?

Last time we rented a car it stayed in the parking lot the whole time. When it was time to leave, I found a big white scuff mark across the bumper (somebody hit it) and had to drive to a Pep Boys to get rubbing compound and wax so I wouldn’t get charged!


Believe it or not, I was just talking to someone about YOU today. But I’ll leave you hanging with that…

Anyway on our stay at FW, Lil’ and I planned to drive rather than use WDW transportation. Mid-trip we gave up driving and relied on WDW transportation.

AND some of those experiences are magical. One night, DS and another little girl got the entire bus singing Zippidy Doo Da on the ride back to FW!


Hopefully it wasn’t all bad. :smile: I think I have made the decision. We are going to try this trip without a car. I figure worst case scenario, we will get one mid trip. DH can get a mid-size with his corporate id for 25 a day. It would definitely be alot smaller than what we are used to, but it is nice to have a back up. If we can go without a car, we will save 50 in parking at the HRH, which would actually pay for 2 days of rental car. Man, when did I get so cheap. Oh yeah, when I decided that we NEED to go to Disney every year instead of every other year. DH thinks DC has been a bad influence in that department, but he secretly loves going as much as I do.


I equate the WDW bus rides to Christmas shopping. You know there’s going to be a lot of people so you walk to the bus stop expecting a lot of people!! Most of the time, everyone is happy and in the spirit, in this case, the spirit of WDW. Sometimes you run across people who are tired and cranky and rude and nothing pleases them. We thought the bus transportation was excellent!


I think you will be fine not renting a car. Even if we drive to WDW we park our car when we arrive and don’t see it again until it’s time to go home. WDW transportation is pretty good and it’s nice not to have to worry about getting around. For us it’s part of leaving the real world behind.