How is Tony's Town Square restaurant



How is Tony’s Town Square restaurant???
I need some thoughts.


Tony’s is one of the places that get such mixed reviews. Some love it, some hate it. I wouldn’t say that we “hated” it, but I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to go back. You could never accuse it of being authentic Italian - but it caters to the masses. I had spaghetti and meatballs. It was not memorable. It was just very “meh” in our opinion and the noise level (a huge factor with me) was just unbearable. When is Disney going to figure out that metal chairs on a hard tile floor is not a good combination.


I think it would be bearable, but I did not really care for the food. it could be a lot better, easily, in my opinion. I can make better spaghetti without really trying. However, it is a great place to sit and watch the parade if you happen to be there at the right time…


Is there a good place to have dinner at MK???
Or do you have to get in the monorail and go to a resort??
Studios has Brown Derby, Epcot has a slew of places.
Not talking burgers ala Cosmic Rays…although that’s a fun place.


[QUOTE=fjs08;1099960]Is there a good place to have dinner at MK???
Or do you have to get in the monorail and go to a resort??
Studios has Brown Derby, Epcot has a slew of places.
Not talking burgers ala Cosmic Rays…although that’s a fun place.

we like liberty tree tavern though it is better for a late lunch… crystal palace is good but pricy IMO unless you are on the dining plan… …


I’ve never been blown away by the restaurants at the MK. I’m hoping the restaurant in the new Fantasyland will be something special. I’d hop the monorail…


To us, our favorite is absolutely Crystal Palace. The food is great. Pooh, we can do without him, but the buffet is worth the price. We have a love/hate relationship with Liberty Tree, and in the years past is has been so-so. But, this past December, it was actually very very good, surprisingly.

CRT is so-so, and Tony’s is okay. When it is just us we usually do Tony’s once at least per trip, but the food there is a 5 out of 10 maximum. The MK just doesn’t blow you away with food. We have only done the Plaza a couple of times (good burgers), but nothing impressive otherwise. Until the new restaurants open, nothing else great at the MK.

If we didn’t do the Crystal Palace, we would prefer to leave the park and head to the MK resorts. Restaurants like Narcoosee’s, Citrico’s, Kona Cafe, they blow everything away in the park.


I wonder if the new restaurants will make the old ones improve their food selections.


I guess I am the odd Dopey out but Mike and I ate here twice and really liked the food. It has a little more oomph than the usual fare. Quite piquant (sp?) We didn’t have any pasta dishes, we usually work our way through appetizers. We like it. Thumbs up.


We tried it for the first time last year and my whole family LOVED it! I can’t remember what we had, but it was delicious and a nice change from the usual. Plus, it was in MK!


We went just a few weeks ago :blow: My husband and I both ordered steak they were so over done, they were grey. I ordered mine medium, and DH ordered his medium rare! The only thing that we enjoyed…the bread!
We usually eat at one of the local resorts. We take the boats over, and return to MK just in time for the parade and fireworks.


Ate at Tony’s once.
Once. Perhaps it was 2004.

In absolutely no hurry to return


It’s ok but noting special like you’d get in either of the italian places in EPCOT.


We’ve been twice and going back in June. First time was okay, second time was good. I don’t buy into reviews much anymore as everyone’s tastes vary so greatly that I at least try it and make my own decision.


I love the location. I have never been evenly close to impressed with the food. But we loved the characters so we would go there when the kids were young. We did go just a few years ago when we deided to eat at MK and had not made ressies. Nothing else open for the next 90 minutes so we were stuck. We lived, but nothing close to a real authentic Italian dinner.


We ate there once and loved it; we trying it again in April with the kids.


I have never been to Tonys based off of reviews and the fact DH is Italian and picky about his Italian food but he wants to try it on our holiday trip. :wub:

Another decent restaurant in MK is the Plaza. Smaller portions for the price but if you are on the dining plan and looking for lunch this is a good option. We ate here for dinner around 5pm b/c we knew we wanted to save room for the fireworks dessert buffet. It worked out nicey.



Just read this:

>>- Tutto Italia in the Italy pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase is currently closed for a refurbishment. Its reopening has been postponed until April 28, 2012. Later this year, the Italy pavilion will also introduce the Gusto Wine Bar.<<

My favorite Italian place around Disney is Il Mulino in the Swan. Excellent. Pasta Dinners are in the $ 25 +/- range. Their Veal Parm comes w Veal only. Not like I’m used to in Ohio where there is pasta w it.

Il Mulino New York Trattoria - The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort Restaurants - Disney restaurants, Orlando Restaurants

If you want to venture “out of Disney”, Cafe D’Antonio’s in downtown Celebration is another favorite. Celebration was originally Disney… that’s another story for another time I guess. 10 minute drive from Epcot Resort area.

Antonio’s » Celebration



We have eaten there 3 time, the first 2 times were awesome, the last time we went it was so so.


Given the choice of Tutto Italia or Via Napoli for a meal or Tony’s, it would be Tutto Italia followed by Via Napoli, every time.

I suppose I could be swayed to eat at Tony’s if I was meeting a friend and they had their hearts set on Tony’s.
Macaroni Grill probably blows Tony’s out of the water in most people’s minds and even Olive Garden is considered better on a consistent basis.

But I will not go so far as to say Tony’s sucks, even though their spaghetti did.:ohmy: