How is Wolgang Pucks cafe?


We are going to try it on our first night this May. Anyone have any favorites there? Anything we should stay away from?


I’m interested in hearing what people here have to say about it, too. We are going to try it in May also–the items on the menu sound good to me. Also the CM who made our ADRs told me that it’s one of her favorites, so that made me feel better about trying it out.


I’ve only ever had food from the Wolfgang Puck’s in the LAX airport…but I’ve HATED it every time I’ve been sulk it’s always the closest place to our gate when we get off the plane so we end up going there time and time again but I never like it.
This is however an airport stop so my thought probablly don’t relate at all.

So basically just disreguard this whole post :tongue:


OK… :tongue:


Wolfgang’s is one of our regular haunts. The pasta dishes are good, and of the entree’s, I wasn’t impresses with the ribs, but of the few things I have had on the current menu, they were good.