How late can you book lunch?


generally speaking…how late does lunch run at most TS resturants?

specically speaking…Tony’s & The Plaza.



I think you would have to call the restaurant directly( mean call disney dining, they will know) and ask what the latest seating for lunch is. I know it varies from restaurant to restaurant.


I think it is usually around 2:50 for many of the WDW restaurants. At least that is what the CM told me when I booked lunch at Le Cellier for my next trip.


I was going to say 2:30-2:45. But that’s an educated guess.


okay…that gives me a rough estimate…i am trying to get a rough plan going for Thanksgiving.


I checked because they sometimes have the hours that each meal is available, but it was not listed for tony’s or the plaze. I think calling WDW DINE and asking them for the latest possible lunch time is you best option. I think that the 2:50pm guess is right.