How long after a trip before you get "the 'itis?"


The “WannaGoBackitis” that is! I’ve started to notice a pattern the past couple years that somewhere around 2 months after a big Disney trip the typical symptoms start to kick in; Disney starts appearing in your dreams, revisiting photos from your last trip, getting envious of co-workers planning Disney trips, reading MB trip reports with a slight “Sigh” after every installment, throwing hints to the spouse, “just checking” things out on Disney’s website for prices, etc.

So how long does it take you to get “the 'itis?”

PS: “PDD” (Post Disney Depression) is something TOTALLY different than “the 'itis.” PDD is immediately after returning home from a trip & getting back into reality & sadness you are no longer on vacation.


Oh, the reason I made this poll is because within the past week I’ve TOTALLY been bitten by “the 'itis!” It’s nearly EXACTLY 2 months since our November trip & I was TOTALLY convinced that i’d feel “content” for awhile b/c we made sure to make it a really nice special trip. Well, guess what? Here I am only 2 months later with a near tear in my eye b/c “I WANNA GO BACK!”

I know it’s NOT going to happen AT ALL before this coming August b/c I want our DVC points to catch up & we still are unsure what’s going on with the house. :sad:

I guess ‘wanting builds character’ but this is going to be SO hard!! Making situations WORSE, it’s DISNEYLAND that I am hankering so badly for. :sad: Jumping a plane to Florida isn’t as big of a deal but getting all the way out to Cali for a Disneyland visit isn’t always as easy for me.

This is just sad :sad:

GOOD NEWS: I have a free ticket waiting for me on Continenal (anywhere in the US), & with our DVC points it’s kinda like a “free” place to stay. OH, we also BOTH have valid WDW Annual passes (mine goes until August '08, Daniel’s until Nov. '08)


I usually wanna go back a couple of days after I come back home. :biggrin:


:blush: I voted that I don’t go enough to get the ‘itis’. :laugh: Unfortunately it’s kind of true…I did get the ‘itis’ for sure when I went in 2002 and 2003, and it took about 2-4 months after each of those trips for it to happen.

But now? I barely even remember what the ‘itis’ feels like because I barely even remember half of WDW! :blush:

P.S. HI FA!!! :wub: I’ve missed you!!!


For me…it’s less than a month…I usually want to get back into planning mode as soon as I am home…I guess PDD usually happens to me when I can’t go back for long periods of time rather than right after I get back…bc when I am fresh off a trip I start thinking about all the things I want to do next time that we forgot to do this time!


I’m voting around 6 months.

We go once a year, and around the 6 month past mark, I am raring to go. Especially since around that time we start making Resort reservations, then ADR’s, plane reservations, etc.

Our routine is totally different this year. We usually go early each Summer. We are doing a Christmas/ New Year Trip this year, so we added an additional 6 months. UUGGHHH! But… I think it will be worth the wait. It will be our first Winter trip to Disney.


Thanks :blush: I has a whole bunch of things happen, but I dont want to hijack this thread… :whistling but love the pic of the baby :biggrin:


I’m ready to go back before we ever leave the property. We basically know we’re going back every summer so it’s just a matter of picking the exact dates. It’s just understood in my house.


Thanks! Well feel free to PM or myspace me anytime to update me on your life! :wink: (Did you see I’m going to WDW soon??) :biggrin: Hooray!

Okay sorry. Hijack totally done.


how about as the magical express bus is pulling away from the resort :frowning: We only have 55 more days till our 2nd trip of four this year : ) !!!


I picked less then a month . . . I need my Disney!!! :wub:


um…i’d be in the “we have to leave at the end of the week…i wanna go back” group! :laugh: - ok, so i’m exageratting a bit, but not much! definitely right away, before we leave! and then when we get home it just gets worse! now i’m really bad, i don’t know when we are going back, and with DH getting laid off…who knows what will happen!! :blink: :crying:


Less than a month for us. I think it is getting worse. We usually don’t book our next trip until about 4 or 5 months after we get home. This time, we started planning and making reservations within a week. DH will never let us make 2 trips in a year…It is going to be a long year!


Before we leave the property. Sharon has the next trip planned and booked before we even check out. So we just start saving at that point.


I just got back a week ago & I’m already wanting to go back. But…realistically I can make it about 6 months before I really want to start planning the next trip. It’s so much easier to deal with when there is a trip booked and planning to do! We usually go every 1-2 years, so I know we won’t be planning anything for at least 6 months. For me that’s the hardest time to get through!


Almost on the way home Im scheming another trip.:laugh:


Used to be less than a month, bbut now I am good for a full two or three months! I am using my deep breathing techniques, some meditation and the occasional glass of pinot to get through the rough times… LOL!


I say 2-4 months ~ after august I had it BAD…but I had a trip planned!!!

Last January, I remember calling Disney on THE WAY HOME to see when I could make the room reservations for Feb. 08!!!


I wanna go back when we are on our way home.


I don’t know why I find it so funny that there are a TON of people for “less than a month,” and then for “2-4 months” but apparantly NOBODY gets “the 'itis” between 1-2 months after a trip. That must be a big incubational period!! :laugh: