How long are parking lots open


Will be starting out at DHS. We are staying off property, so we will be parking @ DHS on a nite when DHS closes at 7pm.
If we park there, and are eating around the Boardwalk for dinner, how late can we get OUT of the lot???
We have AP’s and TIW cards so I guess we can drive to our dining resort and obtain valet free of charge, but we really don’t want to do that. I know one of those gets free valet.

For that matter, is there a general rule about this…I’ve heard that transportation runs for 2 hours post park closure, but I don’t know how long the lots stay open…or when they open for that matter in the morning before a park opens.


Frank -

You would need the transportation to get to the lot if you are not driving, so I am going to assume you can get a bus there until two hours after the park closes. As for when the lot closes, I never heard of a set time. It would be best to ask disney security at that park.


Like Dana said, asking security is your best bet.

That said, I’ve been very late passing other parks when they close early (like AK) and I notice there is always one parking booth with a green light still on. So I would assume that means you can still get in there to get your car.

Getting there might be a different story? It might be best to work your way backwards? Park where you are going to end up and take Disney transportation to HS?


>>You would need the transportation to get to the lot <<

We plan on using the Studios parking lot and walking back from the Epcot resort area. Seems pretty well lit and safe. We walk it all the time, so it’s an easy walk.
If we were going to do restaurants around the MK resorts, we’d definitely drive and park there.
Security does sound like a good bet too.
Thanks for the information.


The lots don’t exactly close. I think they stop charging for parking an hour or two before that park closes and bus transport to and from that park continues for about 90 minutes to 2 hours after that park closes. However, if you are thinking about dining at one of the Boardwalk area restaurants, I would park where you’re eating and then take transport to your park. Just make sure you have a reservation because sometimes the gatehouse guard will check. Additionally, if you have a TIW membership and are dining at that resort, you can valet for free (except of course your tip).

If you do park at the Studios and walk back to the Studios’ lot after dinner, you won’t be stopped and the path is well lit. Just keep in mind that once you get to the Studios, the tram will most likely not be running 90 minutes after park close and you could have a long walk to your car.


>> if you have a TIW membership and are dining at that resort,<,

Will that work for restaurants @ the Swan and Dolphin too?
They take the TIW card, but I’m not sure about the complementary valet parking.