How long are the Expedtion Everest lines?



I’m arriving to WDW at 3:00pm on Sunday. I plan to drop the family off at the AKL and shoot over to the Animal Kingdom alone. How long has the wait been averaging?? I realize I’ll probably have to add some signifigant time for all the locals arriving during the weekend. I’d be a single rider. Do you think the wait on the weekend might be under one hour?



If you aren’t an Annual Passholder or Disney Vacation Club member,you won’t be allowed to ride. This weekend is a preview for only AP’ers and DVC members.


Hope you got to ride. We did FP on Fri once and standby once. Less than 30 minutes with sneak peak, but they were putting rope ques for Sat & Sunday.

Once this opens to the public it will be a you really need a fast pass ride, for a long time I think.


We got there at 12:30 Sunday and the lines were over 2 hour waits with no Fast Passes left. So we decided that we will have to wait until it opens later this year. We have 4 kids under nine and waiting just didn’t make sense.