How long can you wait?


I have been to WDW 6 times in the past 6 years… and I planned every trip. This last trip, we decided that we would go about 6 weeks before our trip… I was paranoid that we would not get the ADR’s that we wanted. Luckily we were, but we went during an off time (very early March).

So, my question is… I see people making ADr’s for November, and we might be going with my husband for work… sometime in November… What is it like to make ADr’s then??? (probably before Thanksgiving)…

When should I start to panic???



IM booking exactly 6 months from that day to help get my reservations. I was unabe last year cause the wifey wanted to wait.


You can make reservations… if your plans fall through, you can always cancel!


I think that so long as your not going during a peak time you should be okay. But as soon as you know the dates I would make them.


We’ve made them five months out and five weeks out and didn’t have a problem with either one (two spring break trips and one Christmas trip). I’m thinking we got lucky on a couple of them, though. The one that we needed to change the time on because we couldn’t get the time we wanted was Hoop-dee-doo. Got the day, just not the time.


Since you’re planning on going during a somewhat busy time I would go ahead and make the ADR’s anyway! That way if you do go you’ll get to eat where you want and if you can’t go then you can cancel them.
If you’re unsure of your dates…(think the Nov. 180 mark is soon if it hasn’t already passed) then try and choose some “off the beaten path” kind of places as well as the popular ones you want to eat at and just try and have at least 1-3 backups planned for every day.


If you are going anywhere near thanksgiving, I’d make them right now. Sure you got lucky with the march trip, but don’t bank on that luck for november. You could be at counter service the entire trip or get places and time that just don’t work for you…it pays to make some kind of plan in a busier time.


Depends a lot on the location. If your trying for the cellar, forget it. But Resort places seem to be available longer, as well as the less popular park ones (Marrakech, Hollywood & Vine). All the MK ones fill fast.


ok… so far, I agree with you… Just don’t know the dates yet. Since we have been to every park restaurant (almost)… we are not really adamant about getting in to one restaurant or the other! We will see if I can get the dates from DH… and if we are going to go!

Does anyone know if the swan or dolphin is on the dining plan???


I dont think the Swan and Dolphin are part of the dining plan- although someone will know on here for sure.


I’ve done stuff 4 months out and I’ve waited until 4 days before. I even change on the fly sometimes once we’ve arrived because I wanted something different.

Swan and Dolphin are definitely not part of the dining plan.