How long do christ decorations stay up a Disneyland?


I am doing a trip to CA in December from 27th- the 6th of January…my friend has invited me out to visit him. And I know that he is planning on going to Disneyland at least one day our to the trip…I was just wondering if within this time frame will the Christmas decorations still be up? I would really love to see everything all christmasty I got to see that last year in Disney World and it would be awesome to get to see it again at Disneyland.


The Christmas decorations stay up at least until New Year’s day. They don’t usually start taking them down until after New Year’s.


awesome I will have to remember to ask him if we can head to the park somewhere in that time frame. Thanks of the info.


The last time I was up at that time of the year, the first week of January still had the decorations in place…


Thats what I thought I mean I know that most of the parks keep their stuff up for a while…at least they seemed to do that when I went to Disney World last year.