How long do Spring Break crowds last?


Hey everyone!
We are going into Disney withdrawals, and are ready to start planning our next trip. One of our options is the week of April 16-20. I teach and my DD is in 4th grade and that is our Spring Break. A lot later than usual. So my question remains, how long do Spring Break crowds last? When do they start dwindling down? We have been the last 2 trips during Jan. and Feb. so we have become accustomed to light crowds. What does everyone think about Apr. 16-20? Good or Bad? THANKS!


In my experience from about the 2nd week of March through the last week of April. Our spring break is the first week of April this upcoming school year instead of the 3rd week of March which it has always been in the past. I think that week should be about when they are starting to wind down a little.


You can pretty much write off all of March & April. In my hiring of college summer staff, I find east coast, mid-west, west coast, & Canadian schools all follow different schedules for time off.


I’m going that same week! Our kids’ school frequently splits the April vacation away from Good Friday. Disney must believe this matters because the rates for the week of April 16 are less than the rates for the week of April 9. (Easter is April 8.) When we went in 2004, also during the week after Easter, the crowds weren’t bad at all. In 2005, we went for a one day visit on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and the crowds seemed to be about the same as they did that previous April.



i always wondered what the crowds would be like during spring break. my spring break usually is the week of my birthday but this past year, my birthday was the last day of spring break. next year, it’ll be on a monday so i take it no birthday spring break. that and i’ll be doing my student teaching so i have to wait until april for my spring break.


I would say that by the end of April it should start to taper off. Still crowds - but probably the majority of springbreaks are mid-March to mid-April. My dd and I were there in the first week of March this year and it was wonderful! Some friends went the second and said it was a nightmare!


I think the crowds will start to die down by then but still expect the parks to be busy. I have no idea for sure but I would expect at least an hour wait on the major/most popular attractions.


I plan a trip during that time. There will be for sure less Spring Breaks at that point than there were earlier in the month. Just use fastpass and it will be great!