How long do YOU go to WDW?


On average, how long do you/your family stay in Walt Disney World?

P.S. I was going to make this a poll but decided I’d rather hear everybody’s individual response. :smile:


Average would be 8 nights, but we have stayed as long as 10, and as few as 5 over the years.


I like to stay at least 8 nights. I have done 10 before but DH and kids were ready to go home :angry: but have also dine just 6 which wasnt enough. Next trip will be 8 nights…


We usually stey 7 nights, we stayed 8 last December and would have stayed longer if we could


9 days 8 nights


Ideally, I like to stay 10 days. That gives us plenty of time to tour all of the parks at a more relaxed pace and have time to take advantage of the resort pool, water parks and other activities. With only 7 days I sometimes feel kind of rushed.


We went for 14 days. It was too short. We weren’t able to see DTD or the pirate cove waterpark. No time for putt-putt and very little time for the best Disney food. Did get on all rides though and some twice. It also allowed a trip to the beach and a visit to Orlando. But, even one day is worth it!


Last time we stayed eight nights. One in a hotel and seven at a house rental. I would have liked to have rented the house for a week and stayed in a hotel for another 5 or so nights. It would be nice to see other things in Orlando and hit the beach and still have plenty of time for Disney.


we have pretty much done every amount of time we can afford to do…we’ve done 10 nights and by day 8 dave was getting a little stir crazy…and when we left dave wasn’t ready to think about disney for months…i loved it though bc we could relax and everything…but we have deduced that 7 nights…with 5-6 park days is probably the best…you can devote one full day to each park and hop around as well as have some pool time and dtd time.


We ususally do either 5 or 6 nights. We are homebodies, so by the end of the trip, everyone is ready to be home. Also, we choose to do shorter stays so its affordable to do AKL, our favorite resort. (Yes, I’m one of the few to take less days to stay at a deluxe resort!)


9 days/nights was perfect for us, although DH thinks we could have stayed longer (and yes, we could have, but I felt at 9 we were satisfied). 5 days was hurried and too short.


The shortest amount of time I was ever there was 5 days, 4 nights. DEFINITELY not enough time! The longest I was there was 18 days, 17 nights. That was LONG…but SO GREAT!!! The first week, we didn’t do ANY parks…just DTD! We stayed in our timeshare that week, and for the first time ever…just relaxed and enjoyed the resort. It was AWESOME!!! The next 10 nights we stayed onsite at POP Century on the Free Dining promotion. I LOVED staying on site! And yet, we only did the parks 4 full days…and 1 full day at Typhoon Lagoon.

Next trip, we will be doing 8 days, 7 nights…5 nights onsite at AKV and 2 nights off site at our timeshare. Plus it will take us a night to get there, and a night to get home (we’re driving).


We’ve done from 6 nights to 9 nights. I like 9 better than 6. :laugh:

My dream is to go for a whole month, staying a bit of time in each Deluxe plus AKL and WL…maybe someday…


First time we did five nights . . . not long enough! Last time and this coming time it will be seven nights but we always fly in early and fly out late so we actually have eight days to play. I think it’s just about the right amount of time for us. I wouldn’t mind a longer stay but $$$ and time off of school play a reeeeaaaalllllyyyyyy big part in that. :happy:


We stayed 9 nights both times, I could have stayed longer but DH and kids were ready to come home, the kids knew Santa had been to our house and they were ready to open gifts.


Well, I’ve done 4 days, 5 days, 8 days, 11 days and my upcoming trip is 10 days.

I’d like to stay a month, but that hasn’t happened yet. I think a week to 10 days is the best!! You can do just about everything and still have some down time.


I keep reading about all these long stays. How is it mine and DH’s work only allows for one week off at a time. I need to start asking what line of work everyone else is that they can take off that much time in a row!!!


HAHA…I know what you mean! People asked us how we were going so long in August! We were gone for 18 days! DH is a Concierge. He took his week vacation, took a couple of personal days and did a bunch of switches (switch shifts) with other workers! It was such a GREAT RELAXING trip…if you can believe a trip to WDW was relaxing, it really was! :laugh:


We just got back from our shortest trip at 5 nights and our longest trip was in July/August at 2 full weeks. The longer the better.


We’re lucky. In the past, stu’s work was flexiable and now that he’s, Ah humm…self employed…it’s no problem for him. I have a wonderful boss, who doesn’t give paid vacation, but allows us to take off whenever so long as we give him a heads up early on.