How long does the battery last in a MagicBand?


T-30 days until the trip with the school band, and this just occurred to me…my Magic Band is from a trip in Nov. 2015…I know the passive RFID is supposed to work into forever but how long does the battery for the active part last? I found varying accounts on the Interwebz but no one who knew for sure. I suppose I can just buy a new one at Disney Springs when we get there the first evening but I’d rather not…on an unrelated note, the trip organizer STILL has not given out any ticket info so I can link it to my MDE account!!! It’s time to make FP reservations!


You know, that is a darn good question. We have our original 2 bands from when they first came out with them, and they still work! Of course we have received a lot of new ones since then, but we change them out whenever we go, and so far, so good.