How long does the magic last?


Okay, we are booked for 8 days in September…but being crazed and knowing we will not want to leave, I am already proposing that we extend our trip…8 days is the longest we have ever stayed, but we Never were ready to go…one time begging for Extra Magic Hours so that we could stay at the World LONGER!!, but alas, all parks closed early that night and we had to leave:(.

It will cost us virtually nothing to extend our stay to 13 days…who here has stayed that long…did you get bored? Want to go home? Did the magic wear off? Or did it (like in my dreams…) just make it better not to be rushed all the time…

Please, I know you will advise me well…(meaning I think most of you will tell us to stay if we can!!!) but I want to hear it from you…:mickey:


We’ve stayed 13 days and it still wasn’t enough for us. We had just as much fun on day 13 as we did on day 4. The only part of a trip that long that was too much for us was the dining plan, we were starting to get tired of big meals by the end of the trip and we were ready for a break there. But as far as beig ready for the trip to end–no way!


longest i ever stayed was 9 days, and i’ve never been bored. rather than being afraid that you’re not going to fit everything in, you absolutely can be more leisurely… hang out by the pool, dawdle at dinner, etc. and not feel guilty that you’re gonna miss doing something on your trip!


We once stayed 12 days and the MAGIC never wore off! But alas one should go home to reality. But then once home you can start planning your next trip!!!


We have stayed 12 days before and I think the family had their fill and were getting to the point of being ready to go home. But we had a FULL trip with all of the Disney parks, TL, Sea World, Universal, IOA and everything in between so there were pretty tired. Of course I didn’t want to go home at all. It’s wonderful having so much time because it allows you to really take things at a nice pace without getting worn out but still doing a lot. I don’t think it’s possible to get bored there is just too much to do. If your family are die hard Disney fans 13 days is perfect.


The MAGIC is in your heart and mind.


I think our longest WDW stay was 10 or 11 days. I have to say that as far as the parks go… we can do it ALL in that period of time.


We have stayed for 10 days and still had things we wanted to do at the end of the trip. But, that’s why we keep going back! If it isn’t going to cost anything more, and you can do it, I say go for it. I would love to have 2 weeks at WDW!


2006 we stayed 14 nights in June and returned for 14 nights in November. we took advantage of the magic hours but took time out around the hotel pool or water park’s.
on both occasions we wish we could have stayed for a few more days. I would love to try out 21 nights if i could only get the time off work.

So I would say to you- Stay LONGER!!:heart:


I have stayed 14 days and just like others have said, it gives you time to enjoy things and not run like crazy everyday.

During the course of a yr with our AP’s we will be at disney for 42 days over the 4 trips… And I don’t feel like “well, I never need to go again”. By the way, this is like a record for us. I doubt we’ll ever do that many days/trips in one yr. After our sept trip, we’ll wait 14 months before going again.


We’re also doing 4 trips this year and could easily make it 5 or 6 and not feel like I had too much. It’s been a fun year having our APs and getting so much out of them. It will be sad to use them for the last time in a few weeks knowing it will be a year before we go back.


We stayed 10 days last trip as well as this upcoming trip!! I like that you can take your time and not feel rushed! We are looking forward to more water park visits and relaxing!!


We’ve stayed 13 days before and it actually made the trip much more enjoyable. We didn’t feel rushed to get it all done. I would even consider staying longer if I could. The magic never ran out!!:blush:


The longest we’ve done was 10 days. I think 13-days would be prefect.


The longest we’ve ever stayed is 9 or maybe 10 days. We never want to come home! I think if you can afford to extend your trip to 13 days, go for it!!


I want to know where everyone is getting all this vacation time! DH has been in the business for over 25 years and is still at two weeks vacation. One week is for his favorite place in the world, Michigan, and one week is for my favorite place in the world, Disney. I would love to stay in double digits, but I really don’t see that in the future.


My DH and I are lucky enough to both be teachers so we have a lot of time off. That said we really don’t have a lot of time to leave town because he coaches baseball and basketball and teaches several classes at a local college. Even with all of that we still get more time than most, we’re very lucky.


We’ve only done the long trips these last few yrs. We don’t have jobs to deal with. And although we are counting pennies on somethings, we also believe in that bumper sticker “we are spending our kids inheritance”


I would LOVE to stay for a long period of time . . . since we are FL residents, the longest we ever do is a 4 day weekend trip. Of course we do go up about 6x a year . . . and I never feel like we’ve seen it ALL! Each trip we hit our favorites, but always find something else that is fun and different to do!

GO ENJOY . . . :happy:


We have stayed 10 days at the most, and we had a great time. We are park commandos, big time. It was great while we were there, but once we got home, I was exhausted. It took me about a month to kind of get ‘caught up’. My husband said I was just getting old, and couldn’t hang anymore.
I think 13 days would be fine, just try to take it easy. Maybe take a day off from the parks, just to swim in the pool, or hang out with a book. Come back to the resort for the afternoon, to nap or relax. I just think if you go full force for 13 days, you may regret it when you get back to real life.