How long does the ME ride take?


From MCO, how long is the ride on ME? Anyone ever timed it?


it’s about 30 - 35 minutes to the main gate - the total time depends on what resort you are staying at


We will be staying at the Polynesian.


Its about 45mins give or take.


Like everybody said, 30-45 minutes. But it seems much shorter to me. The video that they play on the bus is awesome. It officially starts my vacation. And some bus drivers slow down when you approach the archway and do a countdown!! A perfect photo opp.:smile:


It always seems to me that we spend more time sitting at MCO waiting for everyone to get on the bus than the time it takes to get to WDW! Or, maybe I’m just impatient to get going!


Thats the way it is!


The first time we used ME we were through the ME desk, loaded on the bus and off to WDW no wait. But the 2nd time, we made it through the ME desk immediately but then had to stand in our resort bus line forever and once we allowed to load we had to sit again for a long time. Between the 2 waits, it was probably an hour before we headed to our resort…crazy! On the other hand, my inlaws that flew in with us were staying at another resort. Their bus line loaded almost immediately and off they went. Just dumb luck for us. We’re going to see how it goes in a few weeks when we do it again! :laugh:

The ride itself took about 40 minutes, but with the video the time passes very quickly.


ME took about 30minutes in total…I was the first drop off, so that time could change if you were the last to be dropped off. Honestly, as a former ME hater, I must say that this service is much improved since they first started it. I was very satisfied and will use them again. I got my own luggage and took it to ME though. I didn’t want to wait for my luggage and it only took a few extra minutes…not a big deal at all.


I’m so glad you gave it another try. We’ve had very good luck using it even late at night.


As others have said, sometimes you spend more time waiting for the bus to leave, then the actual ride. One thing to be aware of. If you get there at a later hour, and since there are less people, they mix resorts together. It becomes a long ride when you have to drive around other resorts and wait until the driver gives everyone there luggage. Also, they like to pick you up super early for your return to MCO. Most times we car service back to airport and sleep/hang out for an extra two hours. :cool:


It depends on your resort AND it depends on your driver! We have made it from the airport to our resort (Poly) in as little as 25 minutes. But one time, we were staying at Riverside and it took an HOUR. A big reason for that was the driver made a couple wrong turns and we even had to do a turn-around in a freight unloading area behind one of the resorts, I think it was Saratoga Springs! But we really didn’t mind too much - after all, we WERE at WDW and we looked at it as an added adventure on which we got to see things we normally wound’t see - lol



DME was never intended as a one-resort-per-bus bus ride. NEVER. No matter the time of day, it is a near certainty that you will share the bus with other resorts.

There is a maximum of 4 resorts per bus if it stays in one zone, or a maximum of 3 resorts per bus if the bus crosses zones.


The reported average time from airplane exit to resort drop-off is 70 minutes. This is comparable to the time it would take if using a car service or rental car, because with DME you get to skip baggage claim … no need to wait for your bags at the carousel.

I’ve used DME 3 times: Mothers Day 2005 at 9:30 a.m., a Saturday in Nov. 2006 at 10 p.m., and last week on a Saturday at 8:30 a.m. From walking off the airplane to being dropped off at my resort (in the same order as above), here were my times: 63 minutes to Caribbean Beach Resort, 56 minutes to POFQ, and 57 minutes to Polynesian.

Don’t forget, these times include walking from the gate to the monorail, and so on (just like everyone has to do no matter what ground transportation you’re using).