How long for Disneyland/Cali Adventure?


OK so I’m getting a little ahead of myself now but I am already thinking of a trip in 5-6 years…:blink: Its gonna be a big one though.
What I’m thinking is that I’ve always wanted to go to the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Years Day…and Disneyland is in Southern California…Its not everyday that I will be flying cross-country (we are in PA) so why not combine them right?!
So I’m just wondering how many days is enough to see all of Disneyland & California Adventure?? 3 days? 4 days? a week?
Any imput would be greatly appreciated.

btw, my husband thinks i’m completely insane…boys, they just dont understand!!


Staying 4 nights in Disneyland is absolutely perfect for us. We usually do California Adventure on arrival day, 2 full days in Disneyland park, then finish up DCA on the 4th day. And I’ve only been to Disneyland during the VERY busy summer months. With 4 full days & evenings you’ll even find time to do extras & re-do things you loved.


Four days is plenty for the two parks as long as you go after the new year. My brother and his family just spent the week before new years there and they said it was really crowded.

After the 1st it should be pretty empty.


Seven days is the perfect amount, as you can go on each and every ride, see every show, and not worry about the lines… If you go commando, and are ruthless regarding schedules, and milk every minute you can from park opening to park closing, you can see everything in three days.

Four days is a minimum to see everything and not feel completely rushed. I’ve found the seven day trips are really enjoyable… It all depends on how much time you can get away, I suppose… :happy:


While I could do two weeks at WDW, I think 7 days would be too much for DL.

I’m thinking if you can wait to do DL after the Rose Parade and other SoCal sight seeing so that you’re going when school is back in session, you’ll have a pretty uncrowded park.

I like 3 days, but I’ve discovered that I don’t know how to do anything BUT go commando. So go figure. :laugh:

Honestly… I think 4 would be plenty. About 3 at DL, about 1 at DCA?


However dont forget this little tip, since your trip isnt for another 5 years or so down the road…they will have completed the overall make-over of DCA, so the usual, get DCA done in one day will change, so I would plan for at least 2 days for each theme park, so 3-5 days would be great so things arent rushed, and it will be fairly crowded if your going to be there during the holiday season, so you will also want to plan a little extra time there to work in the holiday crowds factor.


I think 4 days is a good minimum; 5 days is a much better amount to see everything and not feel rushed.

Agh I miss Disneyland really bad all of a sudden…:crying:


We typically do two or three days - however, we used to be AP holders that went once a week.

For a first timer…I’d say at least 5 days. And as someone else mentioned, DCA should be redone by the time you go…so it’ll probably be more crowded and there will be more to see. The upcoming things at DCA look pretty awesome.