How long is the walk from the Contemporary to MK?


Just wondering how long would it take to walk to the Contemporary after a viewing of wishes. We have ressies at CM at 6:40, I figure we have only about 15 min to spare. I could try to move the ressie back a bit.


I have heard 10 - 15 min. but haven’t done it myself. I’m sure someone must have done it and be able to give a more accurate time.
I think in any case it’s quicker then the Bus or Monorail


When are you going that they’re doing Wishes at 6 PM?
Depending on the size of the kids, probably 10 minutes from front gate to the lobby. If you’re really rushed, use the escalators. You also have a 15 minute cushion on your reservation. You can show up 15 minutes late, just don’t make it a habit.
The nuts and bolts: Wishes is about 13 minutes long and almost always starts exactly on time.


There is no bus from MK to any of the monorail resorts. They’re served by monorail and resort launches. You can’t even get a bus to Epcot from a monorail resort, you have to take monorails.
As for the monorail, not if the park just closed! You’re better off walking.


Dec 4, the WDW calender states 6 PM. I hope it’s true.


That being so…the walkway is generally quicker than the Monorail…especially after the fireworks are over. Mass exodus and all. I do believe the walk is about 10-15 minutes. It also depends on how quickly you walk…or how quickly all the members in your party can walk.


yup yup, what she said, lol :laugh: i might add that this is one of my favorite walks, sigh :wub:


I hear its 15 min (fast pace) from the front gate- are you watching the fireworks from the gate? I would try and push that out a bit!


I remember seeing on the Disney Web site that there are monorail,boat and bus to all parks and DTD. And then found on another location of the web site there is no Bus as Soundgod stated from the Monorail Resorts


I was thinking about the train station end of main st. Throw the DGD in the stroller and run like crazy. (Who am I kidding, “run like crazy”, next thing I know I’ll be telling you I’ll be doing pushups.:laugh: ) I can do a fairly good speed for walking though.

My whole plan is watch Wishes, eat at CM, hop the monorail and get to Epcot in time for the fireworks at 9:30. I think the last part I’ll be on my own. My DD will most likely go back to the room with DGD.


yeah- but keep in mind that you can only go as fast as those in front of you…


five-Ten minutes if you walk as fast as I do…20minute if you don’t…lol


I’m thinking earlier in the trip I should just try the walk, and then change my plans if needed. Thanks everyone.:flowers:


You can do that walk easily in 10-12 minutes. I’ve done it many times and I’m a senior! ( young at heart senior of course!) I also love that walk!


It’s not a bad walk at all unless it is mid day in the summer. But, as everyone said, you can do it in five minutes at a light jog to 15-20 at a very slow pace looking at the family stones. It’s not as nice of a walk as the Transportation and Ticket Center to the Poly. But, after Wishes when half the park funnels out, yeah… …it’s definitely quicker than getting on the Monorail. Heck during the right time, it could take a half an hour or longer to get from MK to Contemporary via Monorail.


OK, here’s the deal. There’s a Christmas party that night. Depending on actual sunset, Wishes can happen as late as 6:10 or so. The second part of your plan is very realistic. I would suggest being on a monorail by 8:40 just to be safe. You have a second choice too. You can watch the full version of Holiday Wishes from the beach at the Poly, the ferry landing in the TTC, or the fourth floor observation deck at the contemporary and catch the holiday version of Illuminations on another night, possibly combining it with the candlelight processional and the Epcot tree lighting.


About what time would the holiday wishes happen? Just trying to figure out all options. Thanks


Oh, that is a very good question! During nights of the parties (Pirate and Princes, MNSSHP and MVMCP) regular Wishes happens at 6 pm, if they do them at all and the Party Wishes is at 10 pm. Now that I think of it, MVMCP is the only time they do both Wishes in one night. Probably due to daylight savings and it being darker early in December.


Holiday Wishes is at 9:30. (Christmas)
Happy HalloWishes is at 9:30 (Halloween)
Magic, Music, and Mayhem is at 9:45 in the winter 9:30 in summer. (Pirate and Princess)


(Don’t argue with me on this, you know I’ve got the tape to prove it)


We have done this walk a few times and always pushed a stroller. I am tall and take long strides when walking. Ten minutes is about right. The foot traffic will thin out once you get past the bus stop. There is one road to cross but at the most you would have to wait a minute to be able to cross or cross when you should not. Good luck.

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