How long is your trip?


How long does everyone usually stay at disney?? I was curious and I had seen a preivious thread but it was from back in '03!! We are going for 7 days and it seems like that isn’t even enough time. What is the average? Or how long is the “perfect” length to stay?

I wish i could though!!


If it were my choice to go however long I could, I would do 2 days for MK, 2 days for Epcot, 1-2 day(s) for MGM and 1/2 -1 day for AK. I don’t do water parks, but you could do 1 day for each park and then fill in the remaining days with DTD and any extras that you would like to do in WDW. I am going 11/27 - 12/3 and am still trying to find a way to add more days. LOL:laugh:


We’ve decided that 8 nights is the perfect length for our family. :mickey:


we go for about 10 days including the cruise but I also added 18plus for wishfull thinking!


The longest we’ve gone in the past is 7 days. We only took 1 day for rest and we never visited the water parks. This time we plan to go to a water park at least 1 day and relax poolside at least a couple of afternoons and just slowly take everything in. Given that I chose 10 days which I think would be perfect.


My next two trips are short ones: 4 to 5 days. But I think the perfect trip length is 10 days. 1 week wasn’t long enough and 2 weeks was too much.


Our last trip was for a month. It was perfect. We went at a slow pace and had plenty of down time. We actually only spent 10 days in the parks. The only problem is that being there that long, the normal life stuff creeps in and it is not a magical escape like a shorter trip. Most of our previous trips have been about two weeks in which we spend 10 days at Disney and 4-5 days at Universal. Long story short, that is why I chose 10 days.


The longest my family ever stayed was one month,but that was when we had our condo in Kissimmee. My ideal would be two weeks,but we are going fo only 5 days this november. Bah humbug work!


The longest I have ever stayed was 8 days and it wasn’t long enough for me. Sure it’s fine to do all the rides but I wanted more time to explore the resorts and see all the site. I plan to retire close to WDW…at least that’s my goal!


Realistically, 7 days. Ideally, 14 days.


I just did 12 days back in May and it was perfect. We did all of the parks and I mean ALL of them, Disney, Univ, IOA, Sea World. Next time I’ll take everything much slower but 12 days was perfect for us.


18+ days?? Aaahhh yes!!!


I voted for 10 ten days. Enough time to visit each park mulitple days. Plus the water parks and plenty of time to rest in between and enjoy the resort.


:laugh: 10 days allows you to see all the parks, go to the waterparks and just enjoy the resort as well.


We always stay 2 weeks but one day we hope to ‘Do a Dixie’ and spend a month there! :laugh:


We are going for 10 nights. We will actually be at the parks for 11 days. This works well for us. We take a day in the middle where we don’t go into the parks. We play miniature golf and swim. The vacation just seems more relaxed when we know that we don’t have to rush.


I voted for 10 days because I think that would be ideal for me, though my actual trips tend to be 6-7 days.


I voted for 10, 11, 12. I think this range is best. It allows for a few “down” days.


I voted for the 18+ days…does that include living in disney? Just remember, as my dad always says “A bad day in Disney is always better than a good day in Ohio!” I tend to agree


I think you’ll find that a week will give you just enough time to visit most of the attractions while still having time enough to spend a day or two just lounging around the pool or a waterpark. Remember this is a vacation