How long?


I applied for my card online at the end of Feb. I received a letter from Chase saying that they needed a bill that would show proof of address and a copy of my SS card. I got that letter and sent it off around the 15th of March.

I was just wondering about how long it took some of you to get your actual visa in the mail. :huh:


I suspect by the end of April you SHOULD have your card… :cool:


Just a word of caution, the Disney Visa has a higher interest rate than other card offers we regularly get. Make sure you get it paid off each month!


I’m scared of credit cards, haha. We have one already, we keep it paid each month, and pay over the required amount each time. DH and I both have almost perfect credit, so we’d like to keep it that way.


Sounds like an odd practice and honestly I would be very leary of sending a copy of my social security card.


I was thinking the same thing! I thought you were supposed to be very protective of your SS#. I can’t believe they’d ask you to send a copy of your card.


I’ve NEVER had a CC company ask for verification of address OR a copy of my SS card. Very odd…


Well yesterday I got another letter from them, basically saying the same thing. I called them and they said my proof of address was not current enough. She gave me a fax number and I faxed a newer one in today. She said they’d continue with the process when they received it.

I thought the SS Card was odd too, but oh well. Apparently they did get it though.


We didn’t have to send a social security card to get our DV card. And it came within a couple of months if I remember correctly. You said you have perfect credit so it seems odd that they would require that from you.


Yeah I have good credit, but none of the bills are in my name, they’re all in my husband’s. That’s the only reason I can figure of why they needed it.


I would call Chase (and not the number that called you) and verify this. Whenever I get emails like that from ebay or paypal, it turns out to be bogus. No one should ever ask you for a SS #. Better to be safe than sorry.


Any word on this KittieKChick?

Dave and I applied for one just to use on our honeymoon at Disney (we get a free ticket, and rewards…to me it was worth it)
I TOO got a letter…in the mail from Chase and had to be mailed back to Chase…(it’s ligit I checked the address online and they matched) saying they needed a copy of a bill and a SS Card, but they told me it was because I had more then 3 known addresses in the last 7 years (I was a college kid for almost all 7 of those…hence the moving…)

I sent it off about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t heard a thing from them…is there a way to check and see if they received it?


Yeah I finally got it. I had to call the number on the letter I received, told them my reference number, and asked if I could just check the status on my application. The lady was very helpful; she asked me a few questions and said she’d resubmit my application to [whoever] and have it looked at again. I got it maybe 1-2 weeks ago. I applied my DH about a month ago and we both received our cards on the same day :laugh: I was kind of upset, but it was funny. He got his almost immediately. We kept mine and have to cancel his.

You should call the number on the letter and tell them your reference number, and check.


The proces with the DV is so weird to me. I’ve been approved and pre-approved for several Chase credit cards, but they denied me a Disney Card. Meanwhile, I completed an application for DH (whose fico score is about 10 points lower than mine) and he got approved on the first run. Go figure! When I call to check status, they keep telling me his application was approved, but it still hasn’t come yet.


They apparently are very strict about who gets a DV. Either that or they’re just sexiest. :laugh: