How lucky for me!


Ok I finally got to go to the SoapNet weekend and it was fantastic. Now, my Auburn Tigers are played in the Capitol One Bowl and I am getting to go to Orlando again. We are leaving the 28 to go down and staying for 6 nights. The game is on the 2nd. More days at DW. This will be my third trip this year!!


awww no fair …if you were going earlier you could see my granddaughters …meet my daughter and SIL …they are going from 12/18 -12/23


Hi Leslie! How are you doing?

I am so excited for you!!! I hope you have much fun!!!



Looks like we will be there at the same time. We are arriving the 31st for 5 days before we head out on our cruise. PM me and maybe we can get together for a cup of coffee one morning. Where are you staying?


I am doing fairly well, Christmas is a hard time of the year BUT my upcoming trip gives me something to look forward too!


The main purpose of our trip is supposed to be the football game but we will be at Disney for two days at least! I just got some great tickets on EBay. We are staying at the Florida Mall Hotel this time as we are also going to go to Universal. As soon as you know what your plans are for the 31 or 1st let me know and I will work it in. Nothing better than meeting another DW nut!!


That’s great, Leslie! Have fun planning your trip, where are you staying?

It’s great to see you, I think about you often.


War Eagle LRTJS!!! I hope that AU wins!!! My DH and I both graduated from there and we still go to the games. There is nothing like that place on a football Saturday!!!Have a great trip and cheer for us too ( we can’t make it to this game because we are going to WDW in the spring)!!!


We are staying at the Florida Mall Hotel. It looks absolutely beautiful on line. We are going many places besides DW this time and since we made our plans so late we decided not to stay on site this time. It is going to seem weird not staying there.


You are so right!! Say, Hey, It’s Great To Be An AUBURN TIGER!!! My middle son graduated from there and that is where my daughter was a student in architecture when we lost her in a car accident. Next to DW it is one of my favorite places to be!! :wub:


Oh, a car accident? I was wondering but I didn’t want to ask. How awful for you, how long has it been?


that’s so cool that you’re going again. i hope you have a great time. can’t wait to hear all about it.


Oh! That’s VERY cool!! :c)
I’m very excited for you!


Three times in one year–whoo hoo! Hope you have a great time and Let’s Go Tigers!!!


Thanks for asking. It will be 2 years March 21. Shelly was almost 21 and wanted to be a missionary and design low cost decent housing in third world countries. :heart: It is the absolute worst pain on this earth. That is why my DW trips are even more special to me now. They give me a little glimpse into happiness, it is a place where everything is fun and magical for me. I also have so many wonderful memories of taking my daughter there.


I will never forget that phone call… I still remember too clearly exactly where I was standing when you told me. I wanted so bad to get to you and felt so helpless. Leslie, you have done so well, it is almost unreal that it has nearly been 2 years already …it seems like such a short time ago.
I hope someday soon I visit Epcot and see her little memorial there.


Leslie -
Congrats to you! I ma so glad you are getting to go again. Good luck to your team!


She sounds like a lovely person. From that picture it seems inside and out. I guess she had an even bigger job to do on the other side. I always admire people who can look back on the happy memories like that. I can’t even imagine the pain you must have felt. I’m glad you don’t mind me asking, I almost edited it like 5 times thinking I was being too nosy.


Has it really been almost 2 years, Leslie? Every time I see your avatar I think about Shelly and what a great young woman she was. I can’t imagine the pain you feel every day, I am glad Disney World is still an escape for you and you can find a little hapiness there.