How many can you name?


DD and I are trying to count all of the attractions that have a specific gift shop as you exit. DH says I shop leaving every attraction. Now, we know that is not possibly true but it got us to start counting.

This can get kinda tricky- In all fairness, we decided to count carts that are specific to an attraction like HM and Autopia. We did not count the shopping plaza in Mexico b/c it is not specific enough.

I think we have them all but I would like to hear how many you can name!

We are stuck on Norway. Do you EXIT through the gift shop or is it a separate store?


You exit through the gift shop… I will start counting…


Oh this is hard since you have to actually think about it lol. Hmm…

Test Track
Winnie the Pooh
Space Mountain
Expedition Everest
Dinosaur, or is that a seperate shop?
Pirates of the Carribbean
RnR and ToT has stuff
Splash Mountain and Little Mermaid has one but you don’t go through it to get out.
I think Soarin has a cart


Dinosaur has a separate store…


I don’t think so because they eject you into the store with your ride photos. Then you exit that store and in order to get out, they send you into that other Dinosaur store that advertises that it has air conditioning on the front.


I think we saw all of them last month but sadly I didn’t count. :laugh:


That wins me a MICKEY BAR my friend… THANKS!


[QUOTE=LittleMissMagic;1086884]I don’t think so because they eject you into the store with your ride photos. QUOTE]
We thought so too!


Star Tours too…


Enjoy your Mickey Bar! Have another one for me!!!


Unlike a lot of people I personally like exiting an attraction into a gift shop. I like to see what’s available in related merchandise to what I’ve just experienced, makes picking out something to take home a lil more special when I’ve just experienced the attraction. And … I love to shop, so the more gift shops to me, the better!


Were you counting Nemo in The Living Seas. You do have to go through a shop to get out of the building and they do sell Nemo stuff but since the ride ends in the Aquarium and not the shop would you say it’s equal to Mexico?


We included Nemo


Mission Space


buzz lightyear
impressions de france (not a ride, but the film/attraction dumps you out at the gift shop)


Ooh! We did not have that one! (France)


How about Figment? I don’t think that was mentioned and after the imagination area you end up in a gift shop.


I stand corrected.