How many days at disneyland


We are thinking of going to Disneyland this summer but are unsure of how many days we should plan on staying. We went to DisneyWorld last summer and stayed 10 days but didn’t feel like it was long enough. How much time do you think is needed to feel like the time wasn’t rushed?


Since Everything in Anaheim is on a more intimate scale, you can fully enjoy both Disneyland and California Adventure over a five-day trip without feeling like you missed anything. I was there for 10 days last October and got to do everything I wanted and then some, but you certainly don’t NEED that much time on order to have a wonderful trip.


How big is your family? Do you plan on staying at a Disneyland Resort hotel?

I’ve only been to Disneyland during the summer & have seen some pretty big crowds. In my experience & opinion you need a MINIMUM or 2 full days in the Disneyland park & at least 1 full day in the California Adventure park to do nearly everything.

It’s a MUST to get there close to park opening, you get SOOO much done early in the morning. Even if you go back to the hotel for a nap & swim in the aftenoon it’s TOTALLY worth it to get out there EARLY!

We usually go for about 4 nights & get to see everything, and then some.


A lot depends on what you want to do…

I have spent eight days at Disneyland with my heir apparent on one trip. It was a great feeling, not worrying about having to rush to see something before the lines make it unbearable.

The relaxed attitude is what makes Disneyland trips so much fun, in my opinion…

But, if you’re crunched for time, I have found that three days gives you the minimum amount of time to see everything in Disneyland. Any less and there will be rides not ridden, shows not seen, food not eaten… :pirate:


I recommend 3-5 days, 2 days are not enough, at all…in my opinion, 3 days is cool, 4 is perfect, 5 is excellent.


Keep in mind Disneyland isn’t nearly as big as Walt Disney World. I would suggest staying at least three days, five to six being preferable. This should be enough time to do all you need to at both parks, as well as Downtown Disney. You might extend it to a seven days if you plan to visit other parts of Southern California.


Yea, The Disneyland Resort isnt nearly as big as WDW, but it has just about the same amount of attractions and shows as WDW (more attractions are in Disneyland Park than what is in Magic Kingdom Park at WDW) and so on and so fourth, but like LittleMiss said, 3 days at least, 4-5 is best. And if you plan to visit other attractions of Southern California I totally agree that you may want to extend the trip up to 7 days. :happy:


well living on the west coast in SAN DIEGO,My pprespective is the same but also different
please remeber that disneyland even though smaller has much more packed in …as far as big rides …you have space,matterhorn,indiana jones,splash,star tours,big thunder,a much longer pirates…etc compared to magic kingdom which has splash,thunder and the now being renovated space…the mother ship has really packed it all in …inclluding fantasmic…so I say as a newbie you need at least five days and I recommend grand californian ,much less down time for either park and california adventures…disneyland extra long weekend…WDW extra long week or 2


Hope that my next trip to Disneyland might be my dream trip,because I have been waiting for so long about this trip.


It all depends on how much you want to see and if you are bringing kids with you. Oh, and what time of year you go too!

My DH and I went last fall w/o the kids and right before American Thanksgiving. The park was so quiet. No wait for rides, no lines for characters, so we did the park pretty fast. Two days were plenty of time for us.
In general I would say that you could see it all in 3 days.

After having been to WDW so many times I was surprised at how small and intimate Disneyland was. Very charming, you’ll love it. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and we walked everywhere quite easily.

However, California itself has so much to offer, you could spend an endless amount of time exploring outside of Disney as well!!


Trip to Disneyland is always a dream trip,nevertheless, this time I am having a problem with my Visa,as soon as the matter solves with it,I will definitely move there for a long summer trip. :slight_smile: