How many days at each park?


I will be traveling with my 3 kids (6, 4 and 2). They are very short (44 inches, 40 inches, and 36 inches), so we will not be able to ride any of the thrill rides.

We have passes for 7 days. What parks will we want to spend 2 days at?

I have not purchased any water park passes (dh thinks its a waste of $). What do you think?

Any must see attractions?



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With little kids the park you will probably spend the most time in is the Magic Kingdom, concentrating mostly on Fantasyland and Mickey’s Toontown. It’s best to be at the MK first thing in the morning and go directly to Fantasyland to ride all the classics: Dumbo, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan, Winnie-the-Pooh and Snow White (S.W. can be scary for small kids - that witch pops up a lot). Also wonderful is Mickey’s Philharmagic. It’s a 3-D show of all the wonderful Disney music. In Toontown they can visit Mickey and Minnie’s houses, meet the characters, ride Goofy’s Barnstormer. Other great things for little kids are the Jungle Cruise, The Disney Railway, BuzzLightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.


With 3 little ones you will want to plan at least two days at MK. There’s so much for them to do there and they will find their favorites and you will have to ride those over and over.


I agree Magic Kingdom!


Are your 7 day passes park hoppers?

We are making our first WDW trip in Oct with DD4 (turning 5) and DS3. I am on the fence about buying park hoppers, and if I don’t we plan one day at MGM, one at AK and two each at MK (plus the Halloween party) and EPCOT (food and wine fest). We will be taking one day off, but we will have 7 day passes so if we feel the need to see more of one particular park we can do that. We’re going with a laid back-swim in the pool a lot agenda.


Not being a parent, I can’t really improve on the advice you’ve already gotten, just wanted to say Welcome to Mousebuzz!!!


When we went our first time our son was 4. We spend the first 2 days in MK. That way we were not worried about getting to do everything. We spent our last day there also so we did 3 days total. We did one day at each of the other parks. We had hopper passes. We did do 1/2 day at Typhoon Lagoon. I thougt it was OK, but we have a water park just as good close to us so I think it was a bit of a waste. My son did not think so though. He just thought it was fun. Depending on what resort you are staying at, though, some kids will have just as much fun in the resort pool.


We do not have hopper passes. I’m hoping 7 days is enough.


I always spend two at MK and mgm and one at the rest. You should honestly anticipate at least two days at MK and then try each park. Let the kids decide which one you see again. You could also use your last full day there to park hop and hit the attractions you missed at each park. MK is definately a two day park with your kid’s ages…it is for me and DD and we are 12 and 32…lol


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Definately MK make it two days. Young ones always enjoy AK too but you do not need 2 days. MGM can also be done in one day but EPCOT you should allow 2 days, even if you don’t hit MS and TT. EPCOT is a lot of walking! We usually take one day for World Showcase and one for Future World.

I would suggest doing a waterpark, the kids will absolutely love it! They are about a 1/2 day park and loads of fun. We prefer TL over BB. We would get there at rope drop (10:00) and were usually done by 1:00-2:00. Nice break from the parks.

A hopper pass is good if say, you are in MK for the day and are planning dinner in EPCOT then stay and watch Illuminations at night. Also for a little more with the hopper, you can also get the Plus Option which will then pay for a day at a waterpark.


When we were there in September, Kelsey was about 1 1/2. We basically did 2 1/2 or 3 days at MK, 2 days at Epcot, 1 day at AK and 1 1/2 days at MGM.

MGM has a lot to offer little ones too. Voyage of the Little Mermaid is awesome, definately a favorite, and now there is lots of Playhouse disney going on, including Playhouse Disney Live onstage. They also have Beauty and the Beast live on stage.

I tried to break EPCOT into FW and WS as well. That way, DD wouldn’t be too bored (at 1 1/2, unless there is a character jumping in her face, she really didn’t care all that much).

Needless to say, MK is packed with fun…for all the kids, including you!


I would echo much of what has already been said – 2 days each at MK and EPCOT, one each at DS and AK. Water parks ARE a nice change o’ pace, so worth considering. i would sit down and formulate a trial itinerary based on the published park hours for when you are staying. Keep in mind that it is very crowded when you are going, and early entry days tend to increase the crowds at that particular park. Having said that, a good strategy is to go to the early entry park at opening, ride as much as you can until it gets crowded, then hop to a less busy park for easier touring the rest of the day. If that sounds good to you, you may want to consider adding the hopper feature.


welcome to MouseBuzz! I would say you could easily spend 2 days or even 3 at MK~ 2 days at MGM and for me I could not go to WDW and skip AK. AK is a must I think. 1 day there is fine but don’t miss it.


You have already gotten great advice. I just wanted to say welcome to Mouse Buzz.


I would add that you just MIGHT want to consider getting the parkhopper option. It really is a bonus, being able to go to more than one park in a day. For instance, a early morning at Animal Kingdom will mean that you’ll probably complete it by early afternoon - then, after a rest, you might want to go to Fantasmic that night at MGM. The parkhopper just gives you so much more freedom. If I had to choose between parkhopper option or waterpark option, I’d definitely take the parkhopper.


LOL! I don’t know why, but that had me cracking up!:laugh:
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Two days at MK sounds best. There’s so much for them to do and see in Fantasyland! But like PrincessPooh said, MGM offers a lot too.

Are they tempermental enough to do a run through of all the parks you want to hit, THEN go back for the 2nd day afterwards? That way you can see what they really enjoyed and would want to do again.


We just returned from WDW. My DS is 5 and DD is 2. We went to the things that were geared only toward preschoolers, which means that we did not see a lot of the things that we wanted to see. But for them we saw everything that we felt that they would enjoy. Some things that I thought that they would enjoy still scared them, so use your discretion. On the days that we went to AK, MGM, and EPCOT, we went back to the hotel and went swimming. MK has the most for them to do and we could have spent several days there.


If you get a park hopper pass, then you can hop around, see what the kids like. One may like seeing the animals more in animal kingdom, while another likes the rides at MK. At least with the hopper pass you can go into whatever park you want whenever you want.