How many days?


Ok, I’m officially confused. Exactly how many days in advance can you book a campsite/resort for WDW? I should know this…


I don’t think there is a limit. You can only book room only if it’s over a year away and add a package once those new prices release. I booked my upcoming trip almost a year away.


I didn’t think there was a limit for that


We booked a tent campsite 5 days in advance. When we stayed the first time with my parents they had booked 4 nights and then we just kept calling to extend the time. I will say that the time we booked 5 days before we had the LAST campsite.
oops miss read. I would think that you can book within the booking year…at least on the web. I remember looking in February at the November and December slots and would have been able to book then.


I think you can book a room only reservation at a Disney resort 499 days out. You have to put a deposit of one night down and that rate may change since resort rate won’t be known that far out.