How many Disney holders got a email about the free dining?


I didn’t. I’m not sure if they sent one out, so did anyone get one?


I didn’t and I never have. Maybe they don’t have my email address?


I just got an email today and wish I could do it. I just don’t know if I can take time off for a couple of months.


I got that email yesterday. For me it is actually a deterrent. I am now going to cancel my reservation, which is at a premium price, during “regular” season because I do not want to fight over seats in restaurants :pinch:


I just checked my email and nothing. I think I need to call someone.


I didn’t either…but I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t need temptation.


I didn’t get one either. Too bad it ends Dec. 17th. For DS’s birthday we are spending 2 nights at CSR (his request) after we leave Universal so that he can swim in their cool pool, ride his favorite rides, and spend time at DQ for his birthday. Since his b-day is Dec. 30th, I am nervous about the crowds. We always leave Disney right after Christmas and head to Universal.


Well, I called disney visa and the women didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting anything. They do have my email account. She is sending some note to marketing or something. So we’ll see.


We’ve never gotten an email from Visa before, except to tell us our bill is due:blink:

I’m starting to feel a little like Dopey. One of the reasons we like going in Oct (other than the fact that it’s our Anni) is the crowds aren’t really that bad at all. Even with all the extra stuff going on. I’m hoping this offer won’t increase peeps too much otherwise it won’t be worth taking the kiddies out of school. We can stir in the masses during summer break:eek:


Did you just call up the regular disney visa number for customer service or what I don’t get the emails either except for that I paid or my bill is due.


I call the number on the back of the card. Something I don’t understand, they will talk to me about the account (or at least they did a few months ago), but they needed my DH to talk before they could do anything about the email. (His name is on the account, but I do have a card with my name) Anyway they did have my email address. So now I guess we’ll have to wait for some other offer comes out before I know it works.


I know I have or had a card that my wife they would not talk to unless I did that but I got that changed so she can talk to them you just have to have him make sure to add you to the authorized list to talk to about the account it seems like the account is in his name but that he has a card for you in your name. simple to have fixed.


Nope no email here either.


I got an e-mail, but it came from the Canadian Disney site with a promo number as Canadians can’t get the Disney VISA card. Too bad air fares from Western Canada to Florida are a million dollars or I would take advantage of the offer, but it would cost me as much to fly as it would buying the pkg.


i didn’t get any email either.


ME!! I got it . . . but I am signed up to EVERY single Disney site there is! PLUS I’m a Fl resident and a passholder.


Nope. we got an email from Mouseketrips though.


Nope no email about it…I did talk to a supervisor there and as I posted on the pin poll they told me either you get the 5X points offer or the free dining pin code but both…I did not completly understand it or know if he was knowing for sure what I was trying to find out or not…would really of liked a good pin code…


I got it and am using it:goofybounce::goofybounce: I know of a couple of people here in Canada who also got that email. :confused:


I did not get it, either. We’re already going in Aug. on the Disney Visa free dining offer, so I don’t need it, but I am curious why I didn’t get it. I have received some e-mails from Disney Visa before (I think???)