How many Disney movies do you own?


DH counted and we have 135. Our rarest is Song of the South. We had to buy it from over seas. One of DH’s favorite is The Happiest Millionaire. DS CHristian likes the Mighty Ducks Trilogy. DS Nicholas loves the old episodes of Mickey Mouse Club. One of mine is Atta Girl Kelly, part of it was filmed on my grandfather’s farm. My Dad was a kid when they filmed it and he got to meet Walt, he’s so lucky.:mickey:

How many do you have and what are your favorites?


That’s really cool that your dad got to meet Walt Disney. I have no idea how many Disney movies we have. If I were to count them it would only depress me. If my DW never bought DVD’s I could retire three years sooner…lol


I have no idea how many we have either. DH started collecting them when they started coming out on DVD. He knew he wanted children and wanted them to be raised watching Disney movies.


I couldn’t possibly count them all. I know we have hundreds. From VHS-Blu-Ray, animated to live action. You seem to have several rare ones though, that’s cool.


I honestly don’t have a whole lot of Disney movies, admittedly, I only buy the ones that I totally fall in love with. Only because I am not one to watch movies over & over again so the DVDs (or old VHS) just sit there. I’d say I have about 10 on VHS still from when I was a child (Cinderella, Pocahontas, Snow White, Aristocats, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lady & the Tramp, Bambi, Dumbo, and Lion King).

As far as Disney DVDs go I probably have about 20 and my favorites are Peter Pan & Sleeping Beauty. :smile:


Boy, thought we had soooo many! You top us tenfold! love Mary Poppins and I loved Pete’s Dragon when I was a kid! DH loves Lion King, and my girls can’t seem to see past the princesses, although sometimes I end up banning them so they are forced into others to be exposed to!!!


I have no idea how many we have, but its easily over 100. I still have all the vhs I had as a kid and I buy every dvd that comes out. I can’t get enough of my Disney movies! My favorites would have to be Robin Hood, Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, and Aladdin.


Have well over 100 ourselves, but then that’s what happens when you live overseas with only 1 english speaking channel.
Have to say my favs would be Apple Dumpling Gang, Old Yeller & Pete’s Dragon. But that was my youth.
DD’s have their own favs although I can’t get them to watch it much anymore. They’re more into the tween/teen shows on Dis channel now :crying: Bye-bye Princesses, Hello Drama Queens.