How Many People Are There? A BRAZILLIAN!


For those of you who might be traveling soon, its that time of year again. The Brazillian tour groups are here, and this year they seem even more in number. Every day there are THOUSANDS of yellow and green shirts, and a LOT of chanting.

So if you’re traveling down here soon, be patient. The parks are very packed, and a lot of them are South American. Be patient, go with it, and have a Disney day.


I’m surprised Disney isn’t building a park in South America. There is obviously a large market.


ugh… I am coming on Friday and I hoped that they would be gone by now. I will not take well to being pushed around.


Yep…my cousin was there last week with her family and she said they were there by the thousands…


That is an excellent. (I hate it when he’s right.:pinch:)


I’ve noticed a pattern that there is mention of these groups usually in July. Is there a specific holiday out that way that allows everyone to travel then, or did Disney make available packages for that specific month? In May, there were groups and groups and groups of teenagers for end of the year field trips. Although they were behaved, it was very “busy” with lines for food, bathrooms, etc. A little more stress during that time. Now add chants and a different culture about “personal space” I truly don’t know if I would ever consider July as a time to visit. Hope I’m wrong and its all good for everyone soon to be there.


I had warned my boss about the Brazilian’s before she went down over the 4th of July week and sure enough she came back with stories of loud, pushy and rude tour groups all over the property.


I thank the Disney gods everyday my DH agreed to go in October. He originally wanted to go this upcoming week. Amongst the tour groups, its also ridiculously hot. I’m from jersey and its 105* here now and im not happy, plus my hair is a triangle. I can only imagine what id be like if I had to deal with the heat and humidity as well as a bunch of tourists who (sorry if this sounds bad) don’t speak English lol


Maybe Disney needs to do a little “disney education” for these groups. Similar to what they do for cheerleaders and sports groups. . . I have pushed and chanted at. . .not fun.


I’ll report back on the chaos that ensues this next week. I am dreading that part. The chants, while they can be obnoxious do not bother me so much… The line pushers, though, are a problem. I think that they know exactly what they are doing. Disney needs more security around the rides, and I bet the line pushing would stop… I just bet.

This southern girl with manners is not looking forward to “pulling out a can of whoop ***” if someone interferes with my kids. I hate having to feel like I need to defend my territory, but I will, if I am prodded… Watch out people, Mama is coming to WDW!

He he- Can Disney just send them all home, right now? That would be my pixie dust for the day.


A sharp elbow in the throat followed by an apology might be in order and will then insure you a wide birth around most of them.

Just say’n…


I think it mostly stems from its like their winter south of the equator. Thats one reason


[QUOTE=GrumpyDad;1116344]A sharp elbow in the throat followed by an apology might be in order and will then insure you a wide birth around most of them.

Just say’n…[/QUOTE]

I’ll confess to “accidently” bumping ankles with a stroller to get groups to stop blocking traffic ways.


Since I’m always right, it must be very hard on you to read MB every day.:cool:


Yep, it’s July. We don’t really have a problem with them but in know they can be rude and cut in line to “catch up” to their group.


Wow DT, only 4 more days!!! Enjoy your trip!


I know! It doesn’t feel real at this point. We have been so busy the last few weeks that I haven’t had a lot of time to think about it. Things should slow down Saturday and I’ll have time to drag the suitcases out and think about packing. Between golf lessons (an hour away), golf team practice, drivers ed, trumpet lessons, and life in general it seems like we’re never home. This summer has gone by so quickly, when we get home it will be time to start getting my classroom ready. :crying:


I know. July is more than half over, and I haven’t even used my 4th of July holiday yet!


They come at this time of year because for them,
It is their winter season in Brazil…
Usually their parents pay the tour group to take them
Off of their hands for a couple weeks… Their next stop will be NYC, wish ME luck!!! Haha


Oh yea… I’m BAAAACCCK!! Just booked my trip last night for October 14th-20th Saratoga springs. How had everybody been???