How many rooms can I book with my AP?


Does anyone know how many rooms you can book with your annual passes? I have an AP and my kids ages 12 and 16 have APs also. Can I put one of my kids in another room and use their AP for the discount on the room even though they wont be the adult over 18 in the room? I would like to get the AP discount for my Mom who will likely have one or two of my kids in her room. The information that I can find says you may book one room with each adult pass. Because I paid the adult price for my 12 and 16 year old, does this mean that I can book a room using their AP?

Does anyone know if this is ok? :blink:



Everything that I’ve read over the passed year says that you can only reserve one room per AP and get the AP discount.
Of course, most families have two or more APs, so you could always reserve the second room in the name of the second AP holder. I’d say that even though your kids are not true adults, they are holders of adult APs and as such should qualify for the AP rate on that room.


Thanks Soundgod. I have talked to two different people calling Disney direct and got two different answers. The answer that I like said as long as someone with an AP is in the room, I can book it using the AP rate. I think I will go with that answer.