How many rooms can you book on AP?


I’m thinking of getting an AP so I can get a discount on rooms for our August,2009 trip. We will need 2 rooms at Pop for our family. Room one: DH, me , DD9.Room 2: DD18,DD14. I requested connecting or adjoining rooms, although I know that is not guaranteed. If I get an AP, can I use the discount on both rooms? We have 2 different ressies, because DD18 is technically the third adult although obviously I am paying for both rooms. I know that AP holders used to be able to get 3 rooms, but recently have heard it is only 1 . does anyone know for sure???


I tried to book 2 rooms with my AP last spring and was told I couldn’t do it. I had no idea it had changed so I thought the CM was wrong but I called back and got the same answer from another CM. Since they are connecting rooms for your family I would try it worst case they tell you no.


The thing is, I am not going to get an AP if I can’t use it for a room discount. That is the only reason that I am going to buy one. Were the 2 rooms you were trying to book for family? I don’t want to shell out for an AP and then be told no. Does anyone have an AP currently that can check it for me?


No, it wasn’t for family,we had 4 adults and 4 kids. I was told at that time it was one discount per AP. I would call if I were you, that way you know first hand before you spend the money.


can you book one in your name and one in your husband’s name? we did that last year at the poly since we needed two rooms and didn’t have a problem.


They should check the reservation and the name on the AP. It’s hit or miss on the CM asking to see your AP at check in. I don’t know of the room has to be in the name of the AP holder to make sure it’s one room per person.

CRO wouldn’t let me have a discount on 2 rooms. I don’t know what would have happened if I have booked the rooms in 2 calls.


I was under the impression it was now only one room per one AP. It used to be two rooms though. I haven’t got our AP’s yet so can’t actually help- but we have the AP for the same reason to get a discounted room because our stay is long.


Go to and read all you want about AP’s.