How many times have you vacationed in Disney?


How many times have you vacationed in Disney.

Next month it will be 8 times for us.

Sorry about the messed up poll, ROUND UP!:goofybounce:


This will only be #3 for us. We are slowly working our way up the scale!


We went 4 times when I was younger- twice at WDW and twice at DL.
As a mom I have been 5 times. I will make my 10th trip and first as an adult without kids in Sept.


3 times (our 4th trip, and first time with our children coming up in December).


Been on 11 trips so far with #12 and #13 coming Labor Day Weekend and Memorial Day Weekend '08 respectively.

Half of the trips we have been on so far have been in the last year and a half


First Trip was 11/1996 - First Family Vacation/Honeymoon.
Second Trip was 9/2006 - Celebrated MissSMIG’s 13th birthday and DH and I 10 year wedding anniversary.
Third Trip was 10/2006 - Had a thing at the Hilton got a day in the park
Fourh Trip was 4/2007 - With MissSMIG for a conference that my company was hosting… SMIGGY and I got 2.5 days in the park and did all 4 parks.


Our LUCKEY 7 is coming up in 11 days!!!:happy:


Our 4th trip is this December and I wish it could be more :frown:


Sept. will be my 9th trip :peterpan:


We been there 26 times since 1989. There was a time that we went 3 times a year or more. I not counting the times that I had a conference in Orlando and we stayed at WDW and the wife enjoyed the day at WDW then I met her at the resort and we went to the parks at night and the weekend after the conference. If you conut those times it well above 30 times.


8x’s so far… many more to come…


This year will be my 16th trip. I love it more each time I go :wub:


Since 1999,when I became a FL res AP’er,I’ve gone on more day trips and staying on and off-site than I can count!!


August will be our 17th trip…since 1997, our first visit!!!


October will be our 14th to Orlando since around '92 or so (not counting 3 Disneyland trips), and if my training goes well, the Marathon in January will be our 15th.


Our September/October trip will be number 8 for us!
And number 9 is being scheduled for February!!!



We are at our 38th trip this October. We average 2 trips a year, with the bonanza year being 1991, when we went 4 times. The funniest trip was the millennium. We were in the pre-show for the Lion King. The CM was asking people how many times they had been. 1, 5, 10, 15, 20… when he got to 25, there was only one hand going up (Sharon’s) he told her that she had an addiction, and there was help for her!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Our fifth trip is coming up in Sept. My husband went one time as a kid, I never went until I had kids!!
We haven’t been too many times, but we usually make it count when we go. This trip coming up we will have 10 park days!! Yay!!


We just had our 4th trip last November. Hopefully trip number 5 will come up next year.


I wish I could say I’ve been over 20 times!!! Sadly…I only fit in the 5-10 times.:closedeye