How Many


…“Celebrations” have you been to at Disney parks? I was reading Wish’s “Remember the Pink Castle” thread, and I got to thinking that I’ve been to several celebrations.
I’ve been to WDW’s 15th birthday, WDW’s 25th birthday (complete with pink cake castle), the 2000 millenium celebration, WDW’s 30th birthday which happened at the same time as the 100 years of magic celebration, and most recently the Happiest Celebration on Earth in 2006. I could have sworn something was happening when I went to DL, but I can’t remember what it was…oh well.
How many “celebrations” have you attended?


Hmmm…let me think…I believe it is 3…yes 3 celebrations…2000 Mill. 100 years o’ Magic and Happiest Celebration on Earth:)…Can’t wait to attend the next one…Oh so many things to look forward to.

Great thread idea cosmic!


I think just the 100 birthday and the 50th aniversary. I loved them both!


Cosmicwaves, we’ve been to exactly the same ones as you! (but we’ve never been to DL just WDW)


We have been to 2! And we will be at Epcot’s special celebration (whatever they do!) I remember that pink castle! It look like cotton candy exploded all over Cinderella’s castle! :tongue:


How funny! Great minds travel alike, right?


Starting with the 15th birthday, I’ve been to all of them since!!! Joe


I have been there for the pink cake one, the 2000 one, walt’s 100th and the happiest celebration on earth.


Come to think of it…have I ever been that they WEREN’T celebrating something?!? :biggrin:


I think we did the 2000 celebration and 100 years of magic.


Only ever been to the 50th :smile: But I’ll be attending any opcoming ones now that I’m older and it’s up to ME when I make trips! :mickey: hee hee


Let’s see, I saw the 25th year with the pink castle :blow:, I worked as a CM when they were having the 2000 celebration and 100 years of magic, and went when they were starting the 50th celebration. :wub:


We were there for the 25th anniversary with the pink cake/castle and the Happiest Celebration on Earth.


I was there on my college program for the 2000 Milennium Celebration and then visited during 100 years of Magic and now the Happiest Celebration on Earth. My first trip was during Donald Duck’s 50th birthday but that was before they did big doings for everything. They just had a special Donald Parade - I remember it so specifically, everything was blue and silver and the song was an annoying version of Happy Birthday. I was 5 and I LOVED it. Ha.


I have been at all the Celebrations starting with the 15th…and I have the pins to prove it!! LOL!


Ooh, I remember…the DL celebration I think was Mickey’s 60th bday!