How may points did you start with?


How many DVC points did you purchase originally and how often did you intend to visit the World?

How many points do you currently own and how oftend do you visit?

Sorry if this is too nosey…I’m just starting to get my feet wet learning about DVC. :blush:


We wanted enough points to get a studio for 10 nights in the summer. We had been traveling every summer and dicided our perfect trips were about 10 days long.

We bought 200 points and still have only 200 points–no add ons for us yet. We go every year.

We are using our banked points from last year to book a 2 bedroom at Hilton Head Island this summer. I think it took about 350 points for the week, so about 2 years worth of points.


we started with 200 and added on 160 last year when BLT opened up. We are making about 5 trips per year now that we are within an 8 hour drive.


We have 260 points now - I honestly can’t remember what we started with…

We go every year and stay 7 to 10 days, depending on what kind of accomodations we choose. As we have an Interval membership too, recently we’ve been doing one week at WDW and one week off-property, in order to do some other things in Florida.


We started with 160 points and we go for a full week once a year usually.


We started with 160 points at SSR. We are only 2 adults, no children, so staying in a studio is never a problem for us. This helped us maximize the amount of time we can get out of our membership per year. While having 160 points we would stay a week, usually during ‘lower point dates’ & were still able to use points to go to Disneyland for 3 nights, OR a small WDW trip for 3 nights.

We now have 260 points b/c we added on at BLT. This is a pretty new development for us but my hopes are that we can now occassionally stay in 1-bedroom units for our smaller trips & then use the rest of the points to stay for 8-9 nights on a longer trip.

Tara, if you have any questions or anything please feel free to PM me anything you’d like to know. :smile:


We started with 160 and now have 260. Last yr we went twice and this yr three. Most likely it is going to be twice.


We bought in last year when we could get a minimum of 100 points contract for new members. It was enough to get us a week in a savannah view room in “value” season. However…we should have bought more! As soon as our finances allow we plan to add on another 100 points!


260 seems to be a popular number of points…:happy:


That was a nice offer and it allowed people to buy in for less money but I understand wanting more points. I’m sure you can make that work for you but more is always better.


[QUOTE=TaraRae82;947444]How many DVC points did you purchase originally and how often did you intend to visit the World?

We purchased the minimum we could buy from Disney, hoping to spend 5+ nights in a 1-BR every year.

We have 1,000 now and go 4 weeks a year.


It was! And at the time it was perfect for us and we could afford it!

And when we go for our first trip we’ll be in a one bedroom at both BWV and SSR and we are going to be spoiled and I don’t know how we’ll do in a studio afterwards! :laugh:

We knew too going in with only the 100 points that it was a starting point for us and went we could we would buy more points! :happy:


We started with 200 points at SSR and just added 100 at BLT. The first yr after buying we banked everything. The next yr we took 4 trips. That won’t happen again. We are waiting about 15 months and will take about 3 trips in one yr and then skip again. We did use a lot of points for my DS to use on his honeymoon. We tend to go during value season, so the points go further. This is using points not just for us (DH and I) but getting a room for a few days for the kids too. They will get a few days on us and then they pay out of pocket for where ever they want to stay. The plan is to get at least 2 trips out of an AP. Our idea is these are OUR points and one day when we are much, much, much older (like 98) then the kids can take over the points.


We started with 180 and just joined in 2008. BLT it is! Still learning the ropes as well.


We bought 270 at AKV and added 100 from GCV. We live in CA and plan on two weeks a year. One in FL and one in CA. Sept we are cruising and staying at SSR so there is a lot of flex in the plan.


We started out in 2000 with 150 point and that is what we still have. We can do a couple of trips per year by beginning or ending our trip on a weekend at a value and pay cash for those nights. Works out great for us. (we always get a studio, by the way)


Started with 200 and now have 1060. Last year made 5 short trips (work for myself so long trips are hard) and rented points which paid for Alaska cruise instead of doing the trade with Holland America which was a DVC partnet but that option has since gone away.

Have also used points for DCL trip.

Own at SSR & BLT - waiting on Poly. :laugh:


We bought 200 points! Our monthly fees are about $85, I believe, for a whopping yearly expense of just over $1000.

It’s only been one year, but that 200 points bought us a week at BWV over Christmas, then three nights at CBR in February and finally, four nights at AKV coming up.

That’s-a nice!

It’s really cool when you check out and there is no bill to pay! Just for fun, I should have counted up the rack rates for those nights to see how many thousands we saved!


By the way, I loved this question – it’s probably the most important and useful question that can be asked on a DVC forum like this, and I don’t think anyone has ever asked it. YAY!


Yay for me! :laugh: