How might I find


when we visited in 2008 DH bought a back sack with the 08 logo and mickey and I think Goofy coming out of the numbers. This week he lost it :glare: and he is really upset about it. It as similar to the drawstring backpacks that they have, but the straps were thicker and sturdier. I’ve tried ebay and just a general search and come up dry.

Any suggestions? I would love to try to replace it for Christmas. We will be headed back in June when he can get an updated one, but just thought he may be surprised to open one up in December.


Well i was going to suggest eBay but i searched and could not find this one for you on there…


I’m not familiar with this. Do you have a photo?


I’m not computer literate, so I’m not sure that this is gonna work, but this is a picture of an 08 pin, it was the same logo just on a black drawstring sack type of bag.