How much can a resort do wrong?


Trip…May 2 - May 11

DH, Myself, DS, DDIL, DGSs age 1 and age 5.

5 nights in studios at BLT standard view and 4 nights in 2 bedroom savanna view at Kindani.

DH now uses a wheelchair at disney and we used a sit and stand stroller for the boys. Handy since we brought enough stuff into the parks to last a month or two.

Let’s get the low points out of the way to start with. Our DS got a room ready text on the magic express bus, our room not ready. Hours go by, not ready, not ready. Granted it was early, but one would think our DS room is across the hall, our room would be around close to the same time. At 3:45 I was told it is clean but not yet cleared by housekeeping. Just take a seat, it will be just a couple of min. 45 mins later, we get the room. Since we had to wait, we were getting 2 Magic FP added to our account.

During that afternoon wait, it was pouring rain and we had hoped to upgrade DS’s tickets. We were told we could do that at the front desk. We had purchased 7 day tickets for son’s family as Christmas gifts. Ok, we did pay a boatload of money to upgrade. Next day, DS mentions his tickets expire on Nov 17 2017? What? That’s only 6 months away. But I figure no worries, simple mistake. We’ll deal with it later. Oh those extra FP. I told my DS to take grandkids on PP. No go, THE FP WERE NEVER ADDED.

Grrrr…ok at the end of the day. Go back to front desk and say we upgraded ticket…so and so forth. The MANAGER tells me that is the correct date. What? Yeah, tickets are backdated to the PURCHASE date. What? Yes, it’s been like that for ages, everyone does it like that even Universal (I thought it was odd she would mention Universal) I said I’m sorry but I think you’re wrong. But she did see we didn’t get the FP and gave us extras for the next day (which did work) Went back to room half crying/ half wanting to punch something. Called DVC…please hold while we help the other 7 million people ahead of you…about 45 mins later, I get help. Whole story, on hold, blah blah, on hold, blah blah, on hold…ok we can get it fixed but I have to go to a park to do it. Ok, I can breath again.

Next day I go to MK. Send everyone onto rides, I wait at guest services. Tell story to CM…ok, let’s check the ABC file…Nov 17,2017…now let’s check the XYZ file…it’s says Nov 17,2017, so the date is correct kiddo. Yes, she did say kiddo. I of course said that can’t be right. I asked for a supervisor…whole story…He tells me sometimes people put down the purchase date instead of the activation date. CM is looking like the things I learn everyday…I was so tempted to say, see the date WASN’T correct Kiddo. But it was fixed. As an after effect , days later,I read how many many people have been getting upgraded with getting tickets bridged which means they paid less than I did. I felt awful thinking I paid the proper amount AND I had to fight to get the right date. Simple mistake is one thing, but being told by two different people the Nov date was correct is so so wrong.


Very frustrating. I had a similar problem when I renewed my AP 60 days early. They cut my expiration down those 2 months. Went through two people before asking for a manager and then he fixed it in a minute.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of the trip!!!


This was DGD 5 second trip to disney, now big enough for most of the big rides. He thought mine train wasn’t exciting enough. Liked the race cars. But the line I remember the most…when they got off PP…momma, I was flying.

The first night we had gone to Ohana. I must say it’s a bit of a pain having to go through security just to go “next door”, but it is wonderful to be able to walk into the MK without go to and fro with all the barriers that used to there. Getting back to Ohana, food was good, but frankly going to a TS with a one year takes something away from the meal. We did tag team eating. One walked with baby, while others ate then switch. His age was the reason we only did three TS. CP, was good but again one year old with the attention span of a gnat. At CP when I checkin , I asked if DGS 5 was listed as his birthday. Yes, it was. Our table had mickey confetti on it. Usually a sign of a celebration. But no cupcake, no nothing.

The next morning I asked at the resort if his birthday was indeed noted. I was just surprised, nothing was done, not a birthday button at checkin , nothing at Ohana, and nothing at CP. So I was told yes, it was noted. CM said would you like me to send up a balloon and card. Yes, please. We go off on our day. All day I’m thinking he is going to be so surprised. We get back about 8 pm. Open door and there is nothing. No card, No balloon. I went to ask at the front desk. The CM has no answer, he tried to call someone but didn’t get through. I told the CM at this point, we are leaving in the morning and moving to AKL. No balloons allowed. If a balloon had been delivered during the day, 15 hours later it was be half deflated, we would have left it behind. But to get a balloon at 9 at night, it’s still going to look pretty good in the morning. I was not happy about being told it would be done and nothing happened.

Might as well, put the third TS in here,Living seas , not sure if that’s the right name, but the one with the fish tank. Again good food, but mr cranky pants …I ended up walking/rocking him in an empty part of the restaurant. He fell asleep in time for my entree, so I ate with a baby over my shoulder.

Actually, DH, DS and DSIL ate dinner at boma. I watched the boys, They enjoyed it. I went crazy.

So not to do details of ride to ride, but DGS had a great time. DH and I hardly went on rides, We set up FP so they could use our bands to get extra rides with the kids. Plus our DD at home was getting the fourth and fifth FP. A few times I was ready to freak out with my kids. About 6 weeks ahead, I gave them the FP list what we were doing. While we were there, my DS would say Hey about POC or something other ride. Well, I don’t know there is a 55 min wait, it’s 94 outside, I don’t want to wait. But my DD managed to get us FP.

Once they were going on Soaring, so I took DGS 1 to listen to the land. We get up to the front…How many? Just us two. I said everyone else is on Soaring. CM says, well our ride is better anyway. DGS head almost fell off trying to take everything in. Same reaction to the tiki birds.

With DH using a wheelchair, at lion king show, we sat on the ground floor level. DS was chosen to be the wart hog. Kids were thrilled with dada being a warthog.


So now we are moving to AKL. We check out of BLT just before 11, stop by the front desk said we are checking out. Decide to go to MK for a few hours while waiting for room ready text. Go on a few rides, nothing, a couple more, nothing. Not even the " room isn’t quite ready test". At about 2, we decide to head over to AKL. Get there, a “lovely” room is already ready. I mentioned not getting any texts about anything. He says there have been challenges with the text system all day.

Ok, we go off to find our lovely savanna room. The good thing is, it’s only halfway down the bow. The bad thing, the very bad thing is IT’S RIGHT NEXT TO THE POOL. Right at the very edge of a savanna. We get into the room during the pool game with all the music, speaker announcement, etc. I marched aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll the way back, asking for another room. Sorry, you were the last one to check in (at 3 oclock) and that’s the last room. What about online checkin or when we left BLT, didn’t that get the ball rolling, NOPE. I was in tears. I was saying this has been an awful trip as far as resort…I mentioned the birthday thing. The CM looks down, and says “Oh yeah, it’s noted here for Elijah”. Does she offer a birthday day button, noooooo…

Grrrrr this post was at least twice as long…I guess the “auto save” only saves what it wants.

When I hit “post” I was told I didn’t have permission, had to refresh and log back in again.


I’m so sorry you had such bad luck with resorts this trip. I hope there were other bright spots to make up for the disappointment.

We were at WDW shortly after you, maybe I’ll post a little recap of our trip later.


We had the same trouble with upgrading our tickets to AP’s. They told us it was due to changing to a new system. But they at least acknowledged it was a problem on their side.

Sorry you had a bad trip this time. I know that it isn’t really the right answer, but I’ve learned it can’t always be a great one. Every so often a bad experience is going to happen. You have it out of the way now. Next time will be great!


Sorry that you had so many issues, and that it was not a magical time. I think we know that Disney tries to always do things right, but things do fall through the cracks… you fell into a canyon.


Well, the better points are coming…just wanted to get the rotten resort issues out of the way.

But to return to the resort issues…

As we go to leave to go to a park, I tell them we are just staying, too much issue repacking, unpacking, and being homeless for at least a few hours. CM says perhaps we should sleep on it, there will be a phone call in the morning to say stay or go That night about 3 am I am awake because I solve all problems in the middle of the night. I write this long letter to MS thru the web site. I hit sent . It asks me to log in again. The whole time I was typing, the site read it as inactivity. I logged and the letter was gone. I send a second note hoping the first wasn’t lost but saved soemwhere. grr

I called MS about 9 ish…whole story. She asks if I spoke to a manager about the issues. ( it was a manager who insisted that the 6 month AP was correct) She puts me on hold,…blah blah…on hold…blah blah…on hold…I’ve spoken with my supervisor and I’m able to do this for you…(what what???night stay at the castle, free AP for life, dining plan for rest of trip) To give you three FP. ok thank you. Well yes, that is nice but still one wishes disney have the issues I mentioned… Later that morning we are leaving around 11, no phone call about room change. But on the door is a hang tag saying if we want to move, we have to let them know by 9 am. No one said anything about a hang tag…So anyway we left.


The next morning I went to speak to a manager. I started how by saying MS asked if I did, so I’m just covering all the bases. So whole story. Manager is very sorry, she said the computers were a mess on Sunday. She adds more FP. She asks I see rides for 3, rides for 2. I said we were letting them use our FP , so the kids could get the most rides. She said well now everybody can go on all the rides together. And then she said She will take care of something for DGD herself. And we talk a bit about what he likes and how his father was the warthog for the lion king show.

Later that evening, we come back…DGD comes in. On table is Pumba, a sticker/coloring book , candy bugs and a card. Elijah is in awe. He says “momma, did you do this”. No “Did Santa come by”… (those are the moments you hope to have on a disney trip) The next morning Elijah wrote a thank you card to Mickey and we asked the front desk if they could deliver it.

The next day, I got a call from MS…a lovely lady name Joy. She had seen my second note and was confused since there really wasn’t any issue listed. Again the whole story…When I got to the part " even Universal does it". Joy says " SHE USED THE U WORD" So the story continues…my my it was like how much can disney throw at this family. When I got to the part of the birthday toys, she said “I’m glad to know someone did something right”. So we talk a bit more. It’s seems disney was having computer issues across all of disney, not just AKL. And then she say I see you have a trip coming up at Sept. I’m going to give you some FP. I (stupid me) says “it too early for FP, it’s more than 60 days”. Joy says “I can do what I want” I said can you make me lose weight. She replies, still working on that one for me. So for our trip in Sept, we have 3 anytime FP PER DAY for us and my DGDs. for the whole trip.

We come home and reading on another board a number of people getting tickets bridged and paying a lot less than we did. Yes, we did/will get FP. But I had a lot of misery for them. Now it seems if I have tried three or four different CM, I might have save $100. I went out on a limb, wrote to MS, told the story including getting FP and I asked, if DS famiy could have their AP extended by a few weeks. The DVC rooms in May are cheaper than the rooms in April. A few weeks later I got a phone call from MS. They were willing to add one month to their AP. I told her several time, that we need get FP and she said she knew, but I wanted it to be clear. So now we can plan a trip in May with DS. So I’m content with that.

Next post, some good things.


I think this was so important to me, cause it was with the grandsons. We have such good memories with the granddaughters and wanted the same with our grandsons.


Yay! I’m glad they finally made some Disney magic!


ok, so disney with grandkids… This will be jumbled as I think of them…

The 5 year old loved the big rides. The only ride he was too short for, was rockin roller coaster. He wasn’t fond of haunted mansion but that wasn’t a height issue. He thought great movie ride was a really really long ride. Good thing we didn’t go on Ellen’s. He like carousal of progress and thought he was flying in PP. It’s just so funny the range of rides that he loved. DH used a wheelchair and at a few shows DGS 5 sat on DH’s lap. At mickey’ philimagic, seeing him sitting on grandpa’s lap trying to grab the items in the movie…wish I could have taken a picture.

My DS and I had a surprise planned for DDIL. He bought a pearl cage with a mother /child / heart design. Sent it to my house. One day we went to Japan’s pick a pearl. DGD 5 was doing the picking. DGS 1 was having a melt down, so DS was holding him. DDIL was filming. DGS 5 stood on DH lap. Picked out clam, did the ceremony with the CM. She opens it. It’s a sliver pearl. She cleans it, measures it and starts to put it in the bag. But I had the cage in my hand. We put it in the cage and give it to DGS 5. He turns to DDIL and says" Happy Mother’s Day momma" DDIL starts crying.

The one year old, well it’s hard to say what rides he like. At listen to the land, he head almost fell off from turning looking at everything. I think he just liked having space to run around. Also a disney miracle. DGS now like water. Before the trip, he would scream at bath time…after disney pools, he likes water. Near the end of the trip, mom and dad went out to dinner. I had DGS 1 walking the hallways, when we came back to our room, he fist bumps the door lock. So what if he didn’t have a MB, it should still work, right???

Our room at BLT was sort of facing the castle so we could see high fireworks. The 5 yr old would come over to our room to watch. There was some sound outside(I think electronic) that DGS kept saying it was the ducks talking about the fireworks.


At BLT we had two studios (trying to save points) at AKL we were splurging on a 2 bedroom savanna view. In hind sight, the room wasn’t worth the point, would have been happier with studios in a different locations. We really really don’t like pool views. And the savanna category, I wish I could post a picture…hope this makes sense…take a Isosceles Trapezoid. Make a 90 degree triangle on the left side. Our room was at the bottom of the triangle. Just beyond the trapezoid to the left is the pool. We had a bit of savanna and fencing. And a fine view of the rest rooms at the pool. Yo! you in the blue shirt, your son is looking for you. he went that way…

After living in a studio for several days, when we walked into the 2 bedroom. DGS 5 says to DH, I’m gonna ask dada if I can stay in your room tonight ok? He didn’t realize we were all staying there. Later his mom gave him a bath in the hall bath. He comes into our bedroom, looking lost, walks into master bath. What’s wrong…momma told me to go dada but I can’t find him.

The kids loved loved the kids water feature at Kidani. DGS 5 loved the big slide in the main pool. The pool was a little too deep for him. DH would stay at the bottom of the slide and I would stay at the top. There was one little girl was up there by herself. I think her dad went first, then the siblings, and she just stood there. DGS 5 went down, and she is still standing there. I beginning to wonder what and if I should do something. I mean some kids can get rough trying to use the slide. My DGS comes up and goes again. Still no one for this little girl…She’s about 4 or 5…her siblings come up and go again. Now other people are coming, I’m thinking I hope they don’t think I’m a CM. DGS again comes up. Finally the girl’s mom comes up. It had to be 15 -20 mins with no parents. Her mom tells me for three days, she has been “wanting” to down the slide, but never does.


we had gone on the safari ride. This was the first time we were doing it with the wheelchair. Most rides would ask if DH could transfer or walk about 10 ft, we expected the same thing here. They sent us to the disable boarding. We waited close to forever for a truck to pull up. DH still boarded just like any other time. But they load 4 or 5 wheelchair people and their parties. So for every (I’m guessing) 6 or 7 regular trucks, there is one truck for wheelchair people. There must be another type of truck for people who must stay in their chair.

But anyway on the ride, I think every giraffe on the east coast was there. I’ve never seen so many. It was also one of those times when the animals decide to take a nap in the middle of the road. Great for the kids.

I’ve already mentioned DS was chosen to be the warthog cheerleader,which was fun, but for some reason the tumbler monkeys didn’t preform. Two came out, sort of danced for a min or two and that was it. I’m sure the boys would have loved them.

DGS 5 and I did the kids cake decorating at kidani. It looks like a mickey waffle, they have 3 squeeze bottles of goo and 2 or 3 little cups of sprinkles. DGS decorated his and then finished mine. Cute 15 min activity. We brought them back to the room. DGS ended up eating both of them.


Let me put in one helpful tip…Along with the snacks, water bottles, diapers, toys, etc…adding a few bendy straws for kids drinks at TS. Yes, the drink are in a paper cup with lid, but it still needs to be picked up to drink. In my book, it’s so much easier, leave drink on table and just use a bendy straw.

Little extra disney magic in the parks…three times we got a free snack. It’s never happened in about 30 trips, but this one trip, three times. Twice with Mickey pretzels.

Once while I had grumpy 1 year old in arms, I asked for pretzel and cheese. I scan the MB. The CM hands be the pretzel and then says “oh it didn’t scan right” I go to scan again, now holding pretzel, cheese sauce and 1 yr old. After about 2 seconds, the CM member says never mind,enjoy on Mickey.

Second time, again with pretzel. We had some time to kill before a FP. Let’s have a snack. Go to pretzel place. Don’t have any, but they should be here in 5 mins. I check again in a few mins. 20 mins later the pretzel cart shows up. I go to get one and pay. CM says have it on Mickey since you were waiting so long.

Third time, we had purchase the refillable popcorn bucket. At around 6 pm, we go to the cart by figment. It seems they were starting to close down for the day. We asked for the cheese popcorn, and again ready to pay, Enjoy on Mickey.

Why does free food taste sooooo much better?


Free food does taste better. Nate and I were getting a drink at the snack cart near the castle one hot afternoon. While Nate and I were standing there there was a family with 3 young kids at the second register. As I stood waiting I watched the 8-ish year old boy take the lid off the straw dispenser and proceed to touch every single straw in the box. We are not germaphobes but I have my limits. As we were handed Nate’s soda in a paper cup there was no way I was going to stick one of those straws in his drink. I explained to the CM what happened to the straws. While a different CM reloaded all the straws we chatted with our CM she noticed Nate’s birthday button and gave him a free bag of cotton candy. Not one time has Nate ever asked for cotton candy but he ate that one.