How much do you love Star Wars?


I LOVE Star Wars! Chewbacca, Anakin, Darth, and Padme are my faves! I also like Yoda, R2-D2, Storm Troopers and the Wookie clan. Who is your fave characters? Did you know right now that Burger King has collectible Star Wars watches and toys? I have a Chewbacca and a storm tooper. They have a Darth Vader that I am trying to get who BREATHS. The toy actually breathes. He is a special one agin. I also am trying to find the Anakin/Darth watch. I Love Anakin! I got a Chewbacca Lego keychain at the Lego store in Disney. I was so happy. I was there during Star Wars Weekend and met Chewbacca and was happy again. Does any one else share the love of this movie set?


I’ve been a Star Wars fanatic since I was a kid… I was only 3 when SW came out in 77, but I can remember seeing Empire in the theaters in 80… I still have most of my SW toys from when I was a kid, and I used to collect the SW collectibles, but it just got too expensive. I’m still crazy about the movies though. I’m so heartbroken that they are actually done. I always dreamed that Lucas would do all 9 like he had wanted to… Oh well…

Vader is my all time favorite. Maul is pretty awesome too. I guess you could say I’m a Sith…


The original Star Wars was one of my all-time favorite movies!!!


If I made up the AFI lists, I would make Darth Sidious the #1 movie villain! He’s the opitamy of evil even Yoda couldn’t beat and [at least I] love to hate. I’m also crazy about Boba Fett, Obi-Wan, and R2-D2.


Oh yea. I’d have to put all 6 SW movies in my Top 10 fav movies of all time…


Star Wars is my favorite movie of all time. I wasn’t born when it opened, but my mom took me to the drive-in when I was an infant and she says I barfed everywhere. Guess that means I loved it:biggrin:


Yea, I’m almost positive that’s what that means…


i love star wars. i didn’t grow up with star wars though. i wasn’t exposed to it until i was about 14 years old. i did get my baby brother into it and he loves it more than me. he watches the movies all the time. i first introduced him to the prequels and just recently, i introduced him to the older ones. i don’t have a favorite character. i do love the movies. my favorite movie is episode 3.


Oh my gosh! I love star wars! I have all of the movies, lots of toys posters books. Yes I am a total nerd! Oh, and I saw the newest Star Wars movie at the theatres 7 times!


i am a a star wars fan!!! i have all the lightsaver (exept dartmaul) i have a x wing fighter, millenium falcoln, tie fighter and many little action figures. I have a jedi robe. i have all the star wars movies on dvd and some on video. i wear star wars shirts almost every day to school. i really want to go during star wars weekend but havent.


I am a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy. I have only seen Episode 2 of the newer ones. But I really enjoyed the Star Wars Weekend at MGM this past summer. Perhaps I will watch Episode 3 over Christmas break when I have more time. I thought about renting it this past week, but I didn’t have enough time to watch it.

But regardless, me and Anakin are still good friends… :happy:


My friends consider me to be a bit of a Star Wars freak.
Maybe, maybe not.
I do, however, have a room with lots of fun Star Wars stuff in it. Its kind of like my den: I have my playstation, N64, Nintendo and Super Nintendo hooked up in there, plus a VCR and DVD player, and a very loud stereo, too! Here are some pics:


Another view of my room:


Yet another view of my room:


And the last pic of my room:


Sorry, I never got into the whole star wars thing. I’m not sure why but it just does nothing for me.


Darthie I love your Room!!! And Gingita is that Hayden Christiansen if so, Man, I am officially jealous because Hayden is soooooooo cute. He is part of the reason why I am an Anakin Skywalker Lover.


Great pic, Gingita! He’s a buddy of mine, too, how funny!:laugh:


Howcome Hayden gets to hang around with such beautiful young ladies?? :tongue:


Man, I met Chewbacca but I want to meet Anakin. :sad: