How much do you spend on your disney vacation?


How much do you spend on your disney vacation? Only include hotel, tickets, and food. No souveniers or transportation.


Right now it’s just the two of us so we typically don’t spend more than $1500 on a trip. I usually shop around for really great deals as well.


This is a tricky question to answer because we are DVC members. So, let’s say we are going to WDW in October for 7 nights. We wouldn’t put any cash out for a resort because we use DVC points, we are also annual pass holders so we wouldn’t have to put out any cash for tickets, and we do the dining plan which would be roughly about $600. for two adults.

When we go to WDW for a week $1,500 usually completely covers all of our food, extra activities, spending money, & extras. No resort or ticket costs out of pocket.


Also like Wishy we are DVC members and AP holders. So it’s around 1,200-1,500 …it’s just the two of us.


Depends… This trip around I was able to get a package for $1196 including 8 nights at POP 9 day tickets and free DDP Air for 2 RT was $285


that includes stay, airfare and misc expenses.


It depends. We can usually get our flights for $600-750, passes are about $1200 total, we allow $150 per day for food, and then $500 for pocket money. We’re DVC members so we don’t have a resort bill but I feel that that has to be factored in since we spent a nice chunk of change buying in. If we rented the same number of points the cost would be $1500 for an 8 night stay.


Depends on the park and how long we go.
Last one to Disneyland was for 3/4 days. Including 3 day tickets for my brother and my Dad, hotel and splitting food we spent around 700.
Last WDW trip I stayed with my inlaws so all I spent was 500 for a season pass.
Last trip we stayed on property do you want to know how much we spent out of pocket or how much it cost. My Aunt-in-law paid off the balance for our hotel since we found out I was pregnant shortly after booking it and we were going for a family reunion. The total hotel cost was around 3000, we paid about 700 of it.


Without spending money it’s around $ 5000.00 - 7000.00 That’s for 9 night 10 day stays at a moderate, paying for deluxe ddp, park tickets and plane fare is terribly expensive (in January we paid over 600. per person roundtrip)


Good holy moly jesus, that’s a lot of money & it’s NOT including spending money??? :pinch: Wow, and I am thankful that Disney is our ‘cheap’ vacation when we only need to pocket about $2,000 with plane tickets included to go!

Yowza! At $600 per plane ticket I think I would hop in my car & drive!:mellow: Where are you flying out of, your back yard? :laugh:


Wow… I don’t spend anywhere near that. Usually counting the meal plan, hotel, and tickets if on property around $2000 to $2500. plus around $300to $400 for gas round trip. We always load down a cooler with drinks and lunch meat an we bring chips an other breakfest and snack items for in the hotel and on the way. Would love to fly there so we would not have 16hour drive but it is hard to justify spending 1200 for tickets to 350 for gas to drive it. Plus my DW sister lives in a good stopping point for the drive back for a visit.
If we stay off Property it is at our Westgate timeshare there.

My DW viewpoint on the room is we are really only using it for sleep and not much more than that on vacation so she would rather have a clean inexpensive room as pay a whole lot more pernight. I know in the past we where only in our rooms to change and sleep so it is ok with me, besides with four kids we usually have a tight budget to work with anyway.


ok i have to ask how and where did you get this from
I picked the first and second on if just dh and i go is around $1500.00 this time dd is coming so it is $1900. also we are staying at port orleans instead of value… that is with free dining.


Our budget ends up looking like this:
Room: $100-125 avg a night depending on what size unit or room we are in
Food: $50-75 per person per day
Stuff: $25 per person per day

DW and I can do WDW for $300 per day and eat really, really well and do everything we want. We eat almost all of our breakfasts in the room.

Now this does not include AP from SOG at the reduced rate. Going 15-20 days a year and it avgs out to $20-30 per day for park enterance. But we get the AP price back with discounts and TiW card for another $75.

Add another $100 per day if one of the kids, now young adults, join us for a free ride. We have them pay for their ticket and the rest is on us.


Now this does not include AP from SOG at the reduced rate. Going 15-20 days a year and it avgs out to $20-30 per day for park enterance. But we get the AP price back with discounts and TiW card for another $75.

What is the reduced SoG AP rate? Meebe this is something that would encourage us to go every year instead of every other.:happy:


for us its always been fromm $1,500 - $3,000


Let’s see, “this year” for 5 people our hotel will run around $1,000. Hopper tics are $500. Food/snacks meebe $1,000. So for 7 nights/8 days 5 people on-site around $2,500. Add gas, souvies and F&W festivities, we may slide out under 3 grand, but I doubt it,lol.


For us it’s always under $1500. We always trade one of our timeshares in, so we can stay on Disney property, so the room is “free”. After buying tickets, food, and souvies, it’s our “cheap” vacation for the year! Oh, and there are only 2 of us.


If you buy your AP at SoG it is a few dollars less. Around 20-30 per pass if I remember correctly. DW bought the last passes. Check the SoG web site and you can get the pass price.


Now that I am a DVC Member, this will all change! :happy:

RESORT - I stayed at AKV on rented points in November and spent $780…something like that, for 6 days 5 nights.
TRAVEL - We spent $300 Round Trip to drive, including all gas and tolls.
FOOD - We spent $100 per day on the Dining Plan for the 4 of us.
TICKETS - We don’t buy new tickets each trip, we have 10 Day NON EXPIRING MYW PARK HOPPER WATER PARK AND MORE tickets that last us MANY trips since there’s 20 days included. :happy: But to make it SUPER simple, I am just going to say we use the MAIN park days over the course of 3 trips. The PLUS options are bonus. So for arguments sake, let’s say $150 each, total of $600.

$1800 BEFORE becoming a DVC member.


We’re two 23 year olds and it usually costs us around $1300 for tickets and hotel. Add another $400 for airfare.