How much does it cost to


You know those private dinners you see at Epcot from time to time, does anyone know what they cost? I’m not looking for info like I’m booking any this lifetime. Just curious if anyone had an idea. They showed a private dinner (I think) at the american adventure (sp?) on the food channel the other day. I’m just guessing mega mega bucks.


That is an excellent guess! We paid $700 for a dessert party on the French Island for Illuminations. That covers the area, drinks and some desserts for up to 20 people. I can only imagine how much it would cost if you were to have an actual dinner in an attraction such as AA that you have to make shut down (or at least caue them to re-route the traffic)!


thanks…like I said just curious


We went to an Illuminations Dessert party during Mousefest. It was disappointing, to say the least. They served cookies, brownies and rice crispie things along with coffee, tea and hot chocolate. But they ran out of hot water for the tea and hot chocolate so the onyl option was coffee. Rip off!


I was wondering the same thing after watching that show.