How much extra?


Ok, I know this has been asked a million times but…

I am wondering how much we should take for spending money and souveniers for our trip!!

We will be gone 16 days.
**First we are going to Clearwater beach> Here only the hotel is paid for!!! All activities and food will be out of pocket!!(We will be there two days)

**On the third day we will be at Discovery Cove where the price of admission and all food is paid for!!!(Hotel too)

**On the forth and fifth day we will be at Universal Studios where hotel, admission and food are already paid for!!!

**On the sixth day we will be going to Seaworld where hotel & admission are already paid for. We will be doing Dinner at WDW on the dining plan that night!!

**Day 7-16 we are on the deluxe dining plan at WDW.

So as you can see all admission and lodging are paid and most of the food is paid for as well!! We need $$ for meals not already covered, tips, SOVENEIRS, etc…

What would you guys take??? The kids(3) have about $250 each of their own money to take!!!


It’s a tough call. We never have enough to do or buy everything we’d like.

I subscribe to the “Take all you can afford to spend” theory. If there’s money left over, cool beans. If it’s all gone, so what? Just don’t over extend and you don’t starve when you get home.

(This trip? I’ve been squirrling away money for 2 years so I can buy a cuckoo clock at the Biergarten.)


It depends on how you like to do Disney. Shopping is a huge part of my Disney experience, so I bring $150-$200 a day to play with. I also do christmas shopping while at WDW,so that’s why I being a little to much. I could easily manage with $100 a day for me and my DD…$75 if I really get diciplined with my spending.


I love to shop at Disney!!! So I figure your budget is about right for me too:eek: :pinch: I have most of it! I figure I probably won’t spend that much at Seaworld or Universal!!! Maybe at DC tho!! Just so hard to know!!! I wanted to take extra this trip and not worry about it but then we decided to do discovery cove and that took away a chunk so now I guess I will stick with what we usually take!!


I would say we were on the same limit as Dana. But then we too shop alot both in and out of WDW. If it werent for the shopping it would be less.


That is a tough question. Some days we spend a lot, others, not so much or nothing at all. I believe that DH took $ 1,000 for “incidentals” as he calls it, for 8 full days at Disney and 2 travel days. I know we spent that plus the boys got to spend all the money I had collected on my Disney rewards card, which wasn’t shabby, around $ 600.00. That was all gone as well.


I would second Boss Mouse . . .


It depends on what you want for souvieners and what you collect. I collect too much - i admit it, and if it was not for Tim, i would collect a whole lot more. As other have said, just dont’ go home broke. We spend about 150 a day for the 2 of us.


Well, honestly, I rarely find much to buy at Universal Studios besides Back to the Future trinkets. It’s a lot different than shopping at Disney… I want to buy most everything I come across at wdw. Souvenir sales are a huge part of their profit. Universal’s souvenirs don’t appeal in the same way (I believe this is because there is no Mickey. Sure, they have licensing benefits to Nickelodeon characters [I’m not a big Nick fan], but none of those have gained the popularitity of the mouse.).

Anyway, I don’t find it difficult to resist the spending temptation at Uni, but the “bring all you can spend theory” :laugh: sounds like a plan.


It really depends on your spending. I would say $200 PP per day??


Do you mean $200 per day or $200 per person, per day? I hope it’s $200 per cause I can’t imagine bringing $400 a day for me and my DD to just blow on nothing…lol I could imagine it…just can’t afford it:laugh:


We bring about $125 per day for our spending money (not including food & lodging & tickets). We usually have some extra when we come home. We don’t shop very much, though…this covers an occasional taxi, drinks, extra snacks, tips, and some souvenirs for my family at home.


:eek: :eek: I was thinking $200 per day, but not per person per day that would be $1000 extra per day:eek: :laugh: That would be incredible if I could actually afford that:laugh:


We generally take about $100 per adult for spending money. So we’re looking at $200 total a day.