How Much For Food?


my gf and i are planning a disney trip, no dates are set since timing depends on when we are able to put together the $$. we are planning on driving down, which may seem suicidal since we live in Maine, but both of us are looking forward to the road trip experience and the build up of excitement that one gets when the journey is longer. the big question is how much should we expect to spend on food while we are at WDW. i ask this because i know that aside from Room and Tickets that will be the biggest expense of the trip.


I hope you get some really good answers because I have the same question


If you get the Dining Plan you can really lock down how much. I plan on about $100 a day for me and my two boys. So I think that would be a good guess for two adults if you take it easy. :smile:

Here is some info about the Dining Plan.


thanks, glad to know it wasn’t a stupid question


I would suggest checking out the menus on That way you can get an understanding of the prices and base it on what types of food you eat. It will help a lot in determining how much money to bring for food. :mickey:

Here’s a direct link to the menu page:


It depends on what type of plans you make. If you plan all counter service meals it’s a lot cheaper than sit down meals. We usually have a quick breakfast in the room and plan a counter service meal and a sit down meal each day and allow about $50 person per day. That will also cover a couple of extra drinks and a snack if we want it.

You can check out the menus here and put together a budget based on where you want to eat.


i don’t see us doing a lot of sit down meals. so it will be mostly counter service, and since we are driving we planned on bringing breakfast food with us.


I think most counter service meals are about $7-8 plus a drink.


When BF and I go, we usually plan for about $50/day for regular days. This includes a sit down dinner, and CS during the day. If we want to add a really nice, upscale sit down dinner, we’ll bump it up to $75 or so. But we also make sure to have some extra money with us, just in case anything happens.


I agree with the other posts that is a great place to look at menus and price out your food and most of their menus are up to date


So, it will cost you about 70 dollars a day with the dining plan (But this will let you eat a nice sit down meal every day, a Counter service every day, and a snack every day, taxes and tips INCLUDED, and the Counter service comes with a dessert, and the sitdowns come with an appetizer and dessert per person)

OR you can spend the money to bring breakfast food, and STILL budget 50 dollars a day, and not get any sitdown dinners.

I think the dining plan is the way to go, actually, but it may seem a little daunting to pay out that money in advance (when you book/pay for your trip) - I guess you can look at like it’s all-inclusive.

you won’t need to bring a ton of ‘spending’ money if you do the dining plan.


If you can swing $40-50 per person, per day, then I’d say you’d be set. You’ll probably end up with some extra cash on some days too. But I’d check into the dining plan if I were you. I’ve heard many good things about it from many people.


decisions decisions decisions…and there are only going to be more once the $$ is saved


So the DP has to be paid in advance, when room reservations and tickets are bought? Or no?


Where are you wanting to stay? The catch to the dining plan is that you hafta stay at a WDW resort.


Kippage - yes, it’s like, in the total price of your package. Tickets, room, dining plan = approximately a bajillion dollars.


Wow!! A bajillion!!??? :eek: No wonder I don’t do the dining plan :pinch:


How you eat will define the budget you need. I’ve gone down with minimal coinage and have been ok. But I’ve gone down with a lot saved and eaten like a king.


Oy vey. That kinda sucks. Cause if you randomly decide on Friday to make a weekend trip, you’re out of luck.

But I have plenty of time. :happy:


oh we are definitely staying at a WDW resort. its my gf’s first trip and i want to make sure she gets the WDW experience.