How much money would you bring?


How much money is a good amount to bring to Disney World for 2 adults and 4 children. We are staying nine nights and will probably eat one table service per day and one window service per day. Plus spending money for odds and ends. Just looking for a ballpark fiqure I know it’s hard everyone’s spending is different.


We bring about a hundred dollars a day but that really doesn’t include money for food. We use our room charge for most things including food then roll that over to a credit card at the end of our trip. If we have a lot of cash left over the last couple of days I pay part of our room charges with it before they are sent to our credit card.


We have enough plastic with enough cushion that we can cover most stuff using cards. However, for a 9 night stay, I’d still bring something like $300 folding money to cover things like tips, tolls, and other quick purchases that I don’t feel like charging. Another thing to keep in mind is using your debit card in place of cash. This way you don’t need to carry as much cash because your card is basically the same as writing a check, without all the hassle.


This is what we do. IF my whole family goes (2 adults and 2 kids) which never happens that way and we are on the Disney dining plan I bring $100 per day.
In Sept its just my DD and I and we have free dining and there for 11 days so Im up in the air about this. I was thinking of bringing $700 because all the food is paid for but we have most of the things they sell and really dont need anything else. My DD will be getting the bday fun card do there is $65 free for her plus she will probally be bringing her own bday $ from the family and that will probally range from $250-$400 so that will be on top of the $700 i bring but I hope to bring home at least $400 of it.

In Dec I was on the DDP and had my 2 girls. so for 3 of us I brought $1300 for 8 days and brought home $800 so it depends on your spending habits.
I personally would do $100 per day IF you are on the DDP. If not $200 per day.
I always tell my girls you can bring how ever much you want PLUS I will give you $100 and once its gone dont ask for any thing else and it pretty much works except this coming Sept trip is my daughters bday so whatever she wants to do we are giong to do it!!!:laugh:
(sorry for the ramble, I guess I was thinking the same question and it helped me buy dragging out my answer:laugh:)

OH… 1 more thing… I NEVER use a credit card! I only use cash.My kids figured out how to scan the room key and make purchases on my credit card


Everyone is different. For the 2 of us, we generally budget $100 per day. That excludes food and big ticket items, which we always come home with at least 1. We use our credit and debit cards a lot. You just have to be careful as to stay within your budget.


For just myself, Im going for 10 days, Im bringing around 54 dollars a day for myself, but I dont really eat at sit-downs, I will like every other day (Im more of a snacker kind of person), and I will probably do a little shopping at one of the TEAM centers for my merchandise. I remember when I went with my family last year my dad had like 250 a day for 6 of us. So maybe like 150 a day between food and some spending money? Not really sure, sorry!


I would really consider the dining plan if you are not on it. The cost for 4 kids at a TS is ridiculous!! I have always been on the fence about the Dining Plan, but for your group and what you are planning on eating, I think you will save a ton!!

If I remember correctly, a TS Buffet for a kid is about $14.00. Dining plan for a kid (3-9) is about $11 and you get a CS, TS and a snack per day.


For our 5 day trip in Ausust, we’ve budgeted $600 for spending and food. We go so often that we try to limit souvineers, because we surely have enough mouse earsa and other knick knacks to go around lol.


[QUOTE=johnkimv;967330]I would really consider the dining plan if you are not on it. The cost for 4 kids at a TS is ridiculous!! I have always been on the fence about the Dining Plan, but for your group and what you are planning on eating, I think you will save a ton!!

If I remember correctly, a TS Buffet for a kid is about $14.00. Dining plan for a kid (3-9) is about $11 and you get a CS, TS and a snack per day.[/QUOTE]

I agree. How old are your children? I’ve been looking (with some help from MB members:redface:) at prices for the kids meals and if they are 9 and under, it is a great deal.

Aside from the food, when my DH and I go, we mostly use credit cards . We bring about 200 - 250 for tips (not dining tips) or when we just buy a 3 dollar soda or something. Our trips are about 9 days.


They are ages 17, 12, 11. 8. They really diddn’t enjoy the dining plan last year for whatever reason. I will bring 4,000. Should be enough for food and spending money. No credit cards just paid them all off in January.


Well, they are bigger than I thought. That’s an whole other ball game. Do you have APs?

Good for you with those credit cards. Wish our DS could get to that point. We do use credit cards but never carry a balance.


:eek: Why didn’t they enjoy the plan? Was it the food itself or something else? Because with the older children, adult meals really add up!


I just remembered on our very 1st trip as a family of 4 we stayed for 7 nights and wasn’t on the DDP and we brought $3000 and that was more than enough.


My husband felt like the DDP was kind of a hassle. Two of the four kids are big eaters. They really don’t ask for too many things their older. Mostly food I spent the money on gifts. We have everything else paid for.


We usually stay for 7 days, and take around $1,000.00 for the five of us. We mix using our room key and the cash, and usually come home with a few hundred.
We never do the dining plan, because we prefer to eat outside the parks. We usually only hit a counter service every now and then. The sit down restaraunts just don’t measure up to what’s available outside the park.


While how much money to bring is always a question (and really the answer can only come from what you are comfortable with) here is one suggestion that will help you with determining a budget:

Give each child a budget to spend on souvenirs. Maybe $25 a piece… The rest of the budget really depends on what you think you will use the $$$ for. Do you want to ensure there is nothing on credit cards at the end of the vacation? Do you have a Disney card to charge everything to so you can start to generate cash for your next trip?


I assume you aren’t on the Disney Dining plan since you included meal in what you would spend per day. I would bring no less than $250 a day…a meal for 4 (sit down) is going to run you an easy hundred+.


We had a family of 6 last yr, 9 if you count my in laws and niece. We really saved w/ the DDP. My kids eat as much as adults sometimes and they are only 9, 7, 4, 2, and 1 (who was in utero at the time). We payed out of pocket for tips and some extra snackies. I’d REALLY do the DDP with kids you age, there was a few times we paid for an adult meal (hey I said I was prego at the time right?) and it was $$$. We used the snacks for drinks or popcicles and saved (for 6) about $12-$18 a day x’s 4 days=$48-72. Food was even more of a savings.

Depending on your hotel you can bring water from your room fridge, but you will of course want cold water again by mid morning. $100 a day for snacks and loot sounds good to me, but a few of your kids if not all are old enough to save their allowance for extra splurges. We sent about $150 a day but we also id extras like face painting and the Main Street Barber, etc.


My suggestion is do the DDP and hit the buffets!!! It always seems to have something for everyone and you can eat as much as you want! We hit mostly buffets, but mainly because I have one picky eater and one who would eat cardboard if it had ketchup on it…LOL…I’m thinking it would be more bang for your buck, especially how muich cheaper it is on the DDP! I’ve done with and without, needless to say after we used it I haven’t gone back!


I figure $20-30 a day per person.
We usually do 2 quick service (chicken strip basket ect… and a beverage for around $10 a meal). A couple of times during the trip we eat a TS meal or buffet.
We are usually too busy having fun that we forget to eat!

For us, a 6 day trip on average is about $300 above rooms and tickets for 2 people. We use DDR for this so it is really not out of pocket.

One other factor is how fancy of sit down meal you want. That can really change the price. Some are buffet and some are not so it depends where you want to eat. I suggest looking at the menus and prices to get an idea.