How much rain in June?


We’re planning to go to Disney starting June 10th. All the recent posts mention June being “wet”. How wet is wet? We’ve been very lucky in past trips that there was only one really bad day, but we’ve never gone this time of the year. I’m trying to determine if we should change our month, to avoid being drenched every day? Anyone have any input?


Hope this helps :smile:

Month ---- Average High - Average Low - Average Rainfall (inches)

January--------- 72 --------- 50 ----------- 2.3

February-------- 72---------- 50------------ 4

March---------- 78---------- 56------------ 3.2

April------------ 84---------- 61----------- 1.3

May------------ 88---------- 67----------- 3.1

June------------ 91 --------- 72----------- 7.5

July------------- 92---------- 74 ---------- 7.2

August---------- 91---------- 74---------- 7.1

September------ 89---------- 73---------- 6.3

October-------- 84----------- 67----------- 2.9

November------- 77----------- 57----------- 1.7

December------- 73----------- 52------------ 2


Some summer afternoons have VERY heavy thunderstorms. You just need to be aware that it’s a possibility. Bring along ponchos and you’ll be fine!


Yeah, someone needs to show this to Mr. Weather. Last April, we got 8 inches of rain in one day. Post with picture proof. :pinch:

But that chart is pretty much on, those are normal averages. Just know that it can vary greatly!


And we got 20 inches of rain in one day.:tongue:You can have T Storms every day in the summer.


the rain in June is the best. My wife and I only go in June because she is a teacher. The rain is heavy but for a minimal duration of time seemingly between 1 and 4pm. Its awesome because the park clears out entirely except for those able to brave the weather. It happens almost daily.

Bring ponchos from home they are $.99 at Target vs a view bucks with Mickey on them.


It true that you can bet on it raining everyday but like they say above get a poncho and keep on going. The rain scare off alot of the crowd so you get to do alot more rides. When we go during June we figure on getting wet but you get wetter from Kali Rapids.