How much space in studio fridge for 1/2 gal cartons?


This spring, we are going down with our DS and family. We are having two studios. I am planning on having groceries delivered. The catch is we are getting there two days before our DS does. The big thing will be milk and juice for the two yr old. How many 1/2 gallon cartons can fit into the fridge? I know I can buy extra at disney, but I’d rather get as much thru the shopping service in one shot. I’ve been in a studio many times over, but never really notice how much they can hold. I’m hoping someone going down in the next few months can check it out for me.

I also plan to bring down a collapsible cooler and use that with ice for any stuff that doesn’t fit in fridge.

Or I could just plan to have the groceries delivered on the day that DS arrives. We can just buy the one or two things we’d need from disney to carry us until getting the order. That may make the most sense.