How much to bring?


Going to Disney in August. Not sure how much to bring. We are driving down from CT. Staying 8 nights. We have a family of six. 2 adults 4 teenagers. Hotel and tickets are paid for. So basically, food, souvenirs.


Really depends on how strict you want to be with your money. Say you spent $200 a day in total on food which would come out to about $33.00 a person so that’s like 2 quick serve meals a day that would be $1600.00. If each person spent $100.00 on souvenirs that would be $600.00 so $2200.00. I would think that would be about the rock bottom you could spend. That’s why I love the dining plan. You could really go down with just a few hundred dollars for souvenirs and that’s it.


Honestly, I don’t like carrying a lot of money. So I usually have only $200 to $300 with me for miscellaneous (tips, snacks, etc.) and then the rest I put on my room key card, which is set up to charge to my Disney Visa at the end of the trip. If I have any gift cards, the night before, I go to Guest Services at the resort and apply them to my balance. Then I pay the remaining balance once I’m home and get the Visa bill. That way, I don’t have to worry about carrying that much money on me, and I get points from my Visa that always go towards annual passes.


If you really want to ballpark it, look at some restaurant menus. Add up what one bill might be and multiply it by the number of nights you will be staying. Different families do things different ways so it is difficult to even predict a number. One thing is certain though, EVERYTHING will cost more than you expect it to!


when is August are you going? Are you staying in a Disney resort? If you are going at the end of Augustand staying at a Disney resort, you qualify for FREE dining. That would be a HUGE money saver for a party of six people. If you are not going during free dining, please consider one of Disney’s Dining plans. The quick service plan is my favorite.

If you are on property, not traveling during free Dining and don’t want to, I would advise bringing at least $40 per person, per day of the trip just for food.


Holy cow, I have a huge bill just with Mike and I. I could not imagine going with 6 people. You are a rich man/woman :laugh:


We are staying at a Disney Resort. We leave day before dining begins. Kids have to go back to school. We will not be doing any dining plan this time around.


Definetly look at menus and get a ball park on the food. We don’t take much spending money anymore because we’ve been so much. I always like to take more than expected thought just in case.


Bring $3500.


For food a rough estimate on a budget per person would be:
B’fast on the go- $5
CS lunch-$10
TS dinner-$25
Another snack-$5
That’s $50 per day per person. Add in another $50 pp total on souvies and I think this would be a realistic number to work with.


Don’t forget to add in for water, sodas and icecream. For me and my wife to go for 6 nights and 7 days we figure $1200 that include souvneirs and food, drinks and tips. But we usually spend another 200 over that on our credit card.


…hmm I will also be there that week. Do not hog my rides…:laugh:


How did you come up with this number?


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;1107660]For food a rough estimate on a budget per person would be:
B’fast on the go- $5
CS lunch-$10
TS dinner-$25
Another snack-$5
That’s $50 per day per person. Add in another $50 pp total on souvies and I think this would be a realistic number to work with.[/QUOTE]

I have typed this several different ways and it sounds snarky every way, but I don’t mean it that way! I promise! :blush: I really want to know where you go/what you get for breakfast for $5? Breakfast will likely be OOP on our upcoming trip and I would love to save some $$!


We usually eat something quick in the room but a couple of days during our trip we’ll grab something at the marketplace at BCV. You can get several things for 5.99 and under, an egg croissant, french toast sticks and a yogurt parfait. If we use our refillable mugs we don’t have to buy a drink.


We always bring oatmeal packets and pop tarts to save money and time for breakfast, but you can also pick up a bagel for around $3.50. Also, if you want to get lunch cheap there are many ways to do that. In Epcot at France, there is a bakery that has ham croissant for $3.79 and egg rolls at a cart at AK for about the same price.


And it’s very good, I have to get at least one every trip.


No worries. The suggestions made are some of the things we do for B’fast on the GO lol. A sit down is not feasible for that price but bringing your own (which we do most days) or grabbing a muffin/bagel somewhere in transit is enough to tide us over until lunch. If not then that 2nd snack comes into play earlier in the day :happy:


Sara and I discovered that little gem of a food place last trip. Great meal on the go and fairly priced. I didn’t feel like I was going to explode after eating it, but felt satisfied. WDW tends to condition you to eat like a slob the entire trip. I don’t know about you all, but it makes me feel sluggish and poopy after a day or two.


:laugh: “poopy”. I agree with you. And we love the little boulangerie. Such a great, big selection of wonderful pastries and such :heart: