How much $$ to take?


I know I asked this before but lost the thread. I am going to WDW 4/26 leaving may 1st How much $$ cash shall I take?? I am on the Dinning plan and I will have my 2 kids.


We took $200 cash for 9 days and left with $20. We did not spend much on souvenirs at all- maybe two things each for our kids (trust me- they didn’t even need that) We did spend a little more than $200, but I had to charge it to our room that day ($35). Once you get the dining plan you do not need it. I did take some small snacks for the kids so that we were not buying other snacks in the parks…
When it comes to food on this plan- you will be STUFFED!!! two desserts per day plus an appetizer was too much- but we ate it anyway!!! Have a great trip!


Thanks… I think im taking $800.00 but my plan is to leave with $500.00… Im taking the kids glow sticks that we had last time. well they are not glow sticks they are the ones that u push the button and it sppins… from the parade//// im also taking their minnie ears from last trip… I figure let them buy a new jewerly box make a necklace and perhaps get a new stuffed animal and a tee and i think that they are good.


It’s a very personal decision as to how much to spend. When the kids were little I limited their purchases to something small on the last day. Now I usually like to buy myself and my DH a little something, but we don’t have a set amount to spend. It’s just all based on your individual situation.

I probably spend more than I should, but I’m a big believer in “you can’t take it with you”.


We always take too much and therefore spend it more readily than if we were to take just a little and then have to go back to the ATM to get more.
I always think twice before I pull money out of my accounts.
So apparently by heart I am a miser, but give me a hundred dollar bill and I can spend that in a minute. :biggrin:

don’t take too much and see what happens.


Whatever you decide to spend have you considered making a daily budget and keeping everyday’s money in an envelope?


I take way to much cash with me, so I am the wrong person to ask. I average $250 per day.


I think 800 is more than enough.
Hopefully you’ll head back home with some.


Last year I took about $2,000 with me and we came home with lots of extra cash. The last time I was at WDW was 1996 and with having two daughters now I over budgeted. But I think I will take roughly the same amount. Keep in mind I have never done the dinning plan.


This is a great idea! We do this with our children…and my wife does this with me! :frown: (yeah, I spend waaaaay too much when I’m at the “World”!) :wink:


You should not need too much with the Dining Plan. That can smartly cover your meals & snacks. I would try to have a set amount for the trip to spend, and make sure you’re not going over per day. If you end up the last day with extra–great! But also plan those ‘special’ stops like Downtown Disney w/ lots of shopping versus the shops in the parks.
Prezcatz Paul


Thanks for making this thread I had the same question. :biggrin: I know I will average $20 per person per day to spend on whatever. I also have the dinning plan so I know I wont spend much on food.


Last year I budgeted $100/day for 4 people with not being on a dining plan. Some days we went slightly over and others, there was money left over. Towards the end of the vacation, the left over money was used for souvenears.

I leave in 2 days for a 2 week vacation at WDW and I am bringing $1900 with us. Time will tell whether I budgeted correctly. Yahoooo!!!


We do this and it works!


It is without question you must bring enough to cover the bill for fellow DCer’s who may be on property that day. It’s only right and allows a great opportunity to meet others. When you are buying a round of Footlong hotdogs at Caseys or whatever you’d be amazed at how many friends you have.

In actuality it is a totally personal choice. There is no right answer. Some people are spenders and some are not. My wife and I are impulsive Disney SHoppers and dread Main St. and DTD.


By “dread” you mean “absolutely love”, right?! :wink: :biggrin:


So, you’re treating me to lunch while we’re down there together? I can taste that hotdog already… :tongue:


I buy drinks. I was keeping the conversation family friendly. We’ll figue something out for an evening at PO.


Looking forward to it!


First round is on me but who will watch the kids!? Sorry 'bout the thread jack! Back to your regularly scheduled banter.