How often do you think about going to Disney


So how often do you Think about going to Disney??? Scared to say??? :smile:


I THINK about going to Disney World every day! But if I could actually GO, every other month for a week would be ideal. :tongue:


You’re too fast :tongue: or I type too slow :cool: Poll now open :wink:




many,many, many ,many,many,many, many, many, many, many, many times a day…I have a problem what can I say? I’m ok with it.


Many times a day for me. What can I say, I love Disney World.


Many times a day for me too!! And now I have my 4 yr old asking about it everyday too!! He wakes up and says “Is today the day we go visit Mickey Mouse?”




Honestly, I’m surprised that choice isn’t 100% of the responses…


I think about going around 99.9% of my day!


I don’t know if I think of it “many, many, many” times a day, but it’s definitely more than once or twice a day, that’s for sure. I’d go back tomorrow if I could. The cool thing is, that JD is addicted now. He askes about every other day if we’re going to WDW today… I LOVE IT!!!


Hey R2G, you need one that says: “ALL THE TIME!” :happy: :cool: :wink: :tongue: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


I’m in the few times a week catergory.


Was it really necessary for all of us obsessor’s to show how crazy we are? I think we’ve already joined Disney-anonyMOUSE…isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step?? I’m already there! Many, many times a day!


Man! We are SUCH dorks! :laugh:


Many many many many many many times a day, when I already have a trip planned that is. When I don’t have a trip planned, I usually try not to think about it, because it makes me “homesick” :happy:


I try not to because I get all teary eyed and my heart pounds and I get way tooo anxious!


I love this! No one understands but us! I was torn between the many many and the once or twice. I picked once or twice but I probably lied. :blush:


i think about going about every 5 mins…it’s geting hard to work…all i want to do is read about disney stuff and come here to dc…

my dd is hooked too… she already is asking if we can go on ‘this ride’ and ‘that ride’ when we get to disney world!

i think i may have created another disney freak like me!!!


I think about going many many many many many many times a day!