How old were you when you first visited Disney?


So, how old were you when you went to Disney the first time? Do you remember it?


5, nope.


First trip - 21. Only went for one day with a friend. Next trip was when I was 36. Trying to make up for lost time!


I was 25 and had just gotten married. I’ve probably been 25 times since then. I used to beg my parents to go to Disney World but it never happened. We vacationed every year just never to Florida.


I was 24 for the first time with an old GF in 84… Did not get the bug until new GF / wife in 90. Over 60 trips since then (do you think we have a problem???)

  1. My sister is 3 years younger than me and my parents had a rule that you had to be 5 before you could go to WDW. I remember it well.


I was about 18. Went one day, had the ticket book. Thought it would be my one and only trip, gave the rest of the ticket book to a family on our way out.

Man, that was more than 40 years ago…boy am I old.


My folks took me as a baby a couple of months after WDW opened in '71 so it was probably about Jan. or Feb. '72. Not any memory of that but the next time they took me I was about 4 and we stayed at the Poly and I have lots of memories of that.


23 back in 1983. Went there for my honeymoon with my first wife. I remember some of it but not all. Been there several times more with my current wife of 20+ years.


7, and yes I remember it vividly! I won’t tell you how old I am now but to say that was close to 40 years ago, LOL! Went again at 14 when I was a typical “don’t want to vacation with family” kid but still had a blast. Since then I’ve been 8 times (2x by myself) and am going again this coming April with DD#2 on her school band trip. She’s been before but just barely remembers it as she was about 3 1/2 so this will be like her first time!


You’re going to have so much fun on the band trip. I’ve been on two with our high school and had a wonderful time. It’s a lot of long days but it so much fun watching all the kids enjoy Disney.


I’m all about long days at Disney! My family will tell you I always try to get to rope drop and stay until close…unfortunately im not sure we’ll get that this time. We’re at the mercy of the buses.


Twenty-five. It was my honeymoon. Found a new love and spent many anniversary’s there since.


I turned 9 that time because they took me on my birthday.


I was 11 years old. It was 1976- the bicentennial!


18! It was my first vacation with my then boyfriend , (now hubby)and we stayed on the 192 in an Econolodge. It was actually his first ever trip abroad too​:blush: I am now 42 and we’ve been about 14 times maybe more? Its our most favourite place in the world :heart:


I was 32 or 33 for my first trip to Disney World.


I was 10-11 months old. WDW had been open only a few months.