How old were your kids


…when they started really enjoying WDW?

We took DS to WDW when he was 15 months old and although it was a wonderful trip we decided to wait to return until he was old enough to truly enjoy the whole experience, rides, shows…etc. I am just wondering how long we are going to be waiting to return to WDW.

Thanks in advance!!!


We didn’t take the kids until their 5th birthday and they LOVED that trip…the next trip was at 8 and they remembered the previous trip so they were really comfortable, knew what to expect and were truly excited about the trip. Since then they’ve been another 6-7 times (they’re now 14yo) and they still get excited about the trip and actually insisted that we do our last spring break trip there instead of anywhere else in the country; knowing we were going back 2 more times this year.
They “get it” every trip, but each trip is through different eyes. We love watching how the kids embrace the vacation and family time. It’s a different experience every time!


Our first trip with kids was when DS was 5, and DD was 2. DS LOVED everything about Disney, DD not so much. She was very upset when her brother could ride rides she couldn’t (height restriction, intensity, etc.) She got hot and sweaty and irritable. We skipped a year and took them back, and all has been smooth sailing since. They are now 14 & 10.


I took my kids when one DD was 5 and the little one was 10 mths.

DD5 (at the time) :heart:d all things . . . but DD10mths(at the time) this is when she caught the DISNEY BUG . . . after our visit she was all about Mickey and Princesses . . . she’d point them out in stores, on TV! :laugh: :laugh:

Now, my two DDs are as addicted as me!

PS. Take him BEFORE he turns 3 so he can at least be “Free”!


our first trip DD was 3 1/2yo. she loved it!


Gosh…I wish I would have thought about this years ago!! We wouldn’t have waited so long to take them! :huh:


DS was 18 months and loved it. His eyes sparkled next trip was 2.5 then 3. All is can talk about is going to Disney. He asks everyday. Can we go to DisneyWorld tomorrow? He is also addicted to the planning DVD he watches that at least once a day.


Our first trip DS was about 18 months.

Really, really enjoying it and talking about it was when he reached 4 years old.


Our last trip when the kids were 13, 12 & 9 was great. They could all go on the rides and no one was really afraid to go on most things. The only downfall was they weren’t as in to the characters. They were more so a couple of years earlier when they were 9,8 & 6. (they were also a lot cheaper then).


DD 2 yo and a DD 6 months and about 28 for me. Ha Ha


This is what I have experienced with my kids over the years

I have never bought an infant other than a single day at MK while visiting friends. I was fine and he was fine but it was not a normal trip for us.
I think that at 1 1/5 they love the music and the lights and the excitement- they are a lot of fun to watch their reactions and they are pretty easy to bring with you.

At 3-4 they are a blast! They are interactive with the characters and they will talk about it for months later- They will dance and sing and know all of the songs and movies because its not hard to get them to watch them before leaving. They can talk to you and are very excited and that is easy to get caught up in.

4-7 They know the characters, they know the movies, they are big enough for all the rides (well maybe not RnRc) They have friends in school that will be able to talk to them before and after the trip. They “like” character dinners but are less likely to participate in the parades or anything embarassing. But the excitement was very high and they ultimately love the whole vacation

8-10 They are definately big enough for rides, but its harder to get them to do what you want because they have their own ideas of fun. I found that this was also the age of picky eating and complaining about being tired. They did not want to go to any character dinners because those “were for baby’s” and they only wanted to go on the rides- they did not want to enjoy every part of being there. They bickered and fought the whole time. I also had issues at this age with kids that wanted to buy everything everywhere!! (this was my worst trip with Em and Nicky) But at the end of the day they are still happy at the end and they ride everything with you and its a lot of fun all in all

10-13 Was one of my favorite trips! They are helpfull with the little ones, they are patient and are polite. They cost a lot more to feed but they eat what they order and there was little complaining. They respect how much it cost to go and they did not mind helping save or be frugal just to go. They were happy to just be there and happy to just enjoy the characters. They played and had fun in the parades and they enjoyed the shows and fireworks. It was the first sign that they were becoming young adults and with my kids they were raised loving Disney so it was nice to see them develop their own love.


My husband and I luckily received tickets to go see Regis and Kelly Live at Magic Kingdom in 2005 when my daughter was 8 months old, so we went- with no expectations of what the trip would be like. We all had such a great time and even had to extend our trip one more day while we were there. We contimued to go every couple of months and now go about every 6-8 weeks. When we added another kid to our family, his first trip was at 4 weeks. I think it is important to take them young and continue to take them, if you can, so they are not scared on rides or scared of the characters. My kids (3.5 and 2) love all things Disney. I think the biggest part about taking little kids to Disney is to expect very little. Go and have fun- there are so many colors, light, sounds and people to keep them entertained.

Oh, and another plus- feed them early, let them fall asleep in the stroller, and go have dinner with your spouse. It is almost like a date, but with your kids in the stroller next to you. This is why it is so important for us to bring our own comfy stroller!!

We are going in November without kids for 3 days and I almost feel guilty!!


The boys went to WDW the first time for their 5th birthday and that was, hands down, the most fun. They got everything, were big enough to enjoy most rides. They had a blast and so did we.


Our DD was 2 (the day after her 2nd birthday we went) and although it was a good trip (she loved the characters and things of that nature) we had ALOT of meltdowns, but I think that maybe DH and I expected too much of her (our first child – we were learning)

The new baby (DS) will be almost 5 months when we take him for the first time in January and we plan on really taking it easy and taking lots of breaks!!


My son was 5 years old when we first took him. I wanted to take him sooner but my DH wanted to wait. At 5 he could do almost any ride he wanted and since he’s not a thrill ride guy.

Our next trip will be his 8th trip and it just keeps getting better and better.


From what I remember, I’ve always enjoyed Walt Disney World. And Sea World… and Universal Studios. I’m just a theme park fanatic.

But… it was when we moved to Florida when I was 9 years old that I fell in love with Disney. We had APs, and I’d insist that we go every weekend. I had so much fun… enjoyed it so much. My dad and I were always the ones to map out the day and come up with a plan, I definitely think that helped.


DD was just about 3 for her 1st trip. I couldn’t wait any longer to take her!!! Her reaction to the characters was priceless and was worth every penny of the trip. On the rides she was afraid on alot of things - and we paid for that in the next couple of trips after that (she refused to go on the Peter Pan ride until she was 6 b/c she remembered being afraid of the alligator & she wouldn’t go back on Pooh b/c she thought the bees were chasing her:confused:!)

The trip when she was 6 was hard b/c there were alot of rides that she really wanted to go on, but wasn’t tall enough (she’s small for her age!)

Last year when she was 7 was the best b/c she could go on everything - the only things she still doesn’t care for are the 3-D shows. She said she’s not a fan of things jumping out at her! But at least I don’t have to go on Peter Pan alone anymore!


Both of my children were 3 years old the first time we took them to WDW. At this age they were able to enjoy most of the rides and truly believed in the characters. But I would have to say that it wasn’t until age 5-6 that they were able to enjoy ALL that WDW has to offer. My children are thrill seekers so they couldn’t wait to be able to ride all of the roller coasters.


It really depends on the child. DD turned 3 during her first trip and she had a wonderful time. However, she was TERRIFIED:eek: of the fireworks so we ended up having to modify our ADR’s to make sure we were far away from them every night. She’s 8 now and we still avoid them.

DS took his frist trip at 5 months. He was in love with all the characters and really enjoyed the lights of Spectromagic. He took his second trip at 11 months, by then he was aware of who the characters were and actually had fun. He even enjoyed the rides he was able to ride…most of all POC:pirate: !

My BFF came with us on the trip when DS was 11 months old. She had her two sons 8 and 6 with her. DS 8 was afraid of almost everything. The drop in Malstrom and Sorin’ sent him into a panic attacks. DS 6 however, rode the mountains and TOT with pure excitement on his face.

I really think it’s about knowing your child and what you think they can handle. I never expected DS 5months to be as excited about everything as he was.


We decided that 5 would be the magic age- and it was perfect. DS was tall enough to go on everything, and he turned out to be a thrill ride junkie! The only thing we skipped was Haunted Mansion (he thought it sounded too scary), and the only thing he really thought he didn’t want to do ever again was Pirates.

He had fun with the characters, even though he sort of had the idea that they’re “helped”. That didn’t diminish his enjoyment any more than it does mine. :happy:

I still can’t believe I told my 5 year old… “Sure, you can go on the RocknRoller Coaster.” :eek:

If we’d gone when he was a little younger, I think he would have been disappointed not to be able to do some things. And if we’d gone when he was considerably younger I’m sure he would have had a lot of fun, but that’s an expensive trip for someone who would also have a lot of fun putting a quarter in a drink machine.

For the next little one, if we’re lucky enough to go sooner rather than later, it’ll be when she’s still free, and it’ll be more of a trip for DS than for her. However, her grandparents have already spoken to my pregnant belly, saying, “And when you’re 5 years old, you’ll get your trip to Disney World!”