How scary?


How scary in EE? My DD Karlie,7, loves thunder mt. rr and rock’n roller coaster. Splash mt. used to be her fav. but now she says she really doesn’t like that last big drop. She doesn’t care for dinosaur but I think it is more the jerkiness of the ride rather than being scared. She is okay with space mt. also. Do you think she’ll be okay with EE? I hope so because her sister (11) and I can’t wait!:wub:


I think it’s DEFINATELY more fun than scary. I was a scary-cat as a kid and I think i might have shut my eyes a bit during the scene with the big yeti but it’s SO brief, I wouldn’t worry about it. It does go backwards in the dark for a bit, but you said she is ok with Space Mountain so I am sure it will be fine! I CANNOT wait to go on it again either, it REALLY is an amazing attraction!


It’s so hard to tell.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d put EE at about a 6, thrill-wise. There are no big drops, and you don’t go upside down, but you do go backwards - fast. The Yeti isn’t as scary as the dinosaurs in Dinosaur. He’s big and loud - but it goes by really fast.


It’s really like a jacked up version of BTMRR that also goes backwards. I agree that it’s much more FUN than SCARY, but some kids might not agree!


haha, never thought about it that way!


I think she’ll love it. I saw kids of all ages riding it over and over again.


We found it to be more of an ‘attraction’ than a thrill ride.


My thoughts on Everest after my first ride. :biggrin:


She must be tall if she’s only 7 and already been on RnR…isn’t that a 48 inch ride (I’ll have to check). My son is 6 this year and about 46 1/2 inches in his bare feet (as of this year’s annual check up last week). He’s been DYING to go on RnR ever since he was 2 and old enough to go on Goofy’s Barnstormer…lol… He also loves Big Thunder and Splash Mountains… So far he’s not been brave enough to try Space Mountain, but perhaps this year…

He’s smack dab average in height… My 4 year old daughter, on the other hand, is tall… (95th percentile for height)…so maybe she’ll be tall enough for such things sooner…

I think my son would try EE…he was inteterested in the building of it last year… He hasn’t tried dinosaur yet as the idea of it it scares him a bit…

My daughter doesn’t like the final plummet of Splash Mountain either…though she likes the rest of the ride… I’m going to have to do a lot of coaxing and a little arm twisting to get her to go on that this year!

We still have to baby swap this year as my youngest is only 2… I’m hoping to try him on Goofy’s Barnstormer and see how he responds to that… :slight_smile: My daughter HATED that too… whereas her very cautious older brother loved it from the get go…

I wish I could get DS#1 to try ToT because I think he’d enjoy it!


Karlie is very tall for her age, 53", she has been going on Rockn roller coaster since she was 5. She is usually very brave but just recently has become a little wary. When she went on space mountain at age 4 she said “I didn’t really like that. It was kinda scary”. Before I could respond she added “Can we do it again?” LOL


I’m 20 and I thought EE was terrifying. I had my eyes closed and my face buried in my dad’s shoulder the entire ride. Very intense.


My 5 year old DD loves EE. She wasn’t scared at all and wanted to go again…and again…and again. It’s a great ride!


can anyone tell me about how long the ride goes backwards?


I’ve never ridden either ride yet, but, from what I’ve read about both of them, if she can handle RNRC, she should not have a problem with EE


Not long - I doubt if it’s even a minute. But it’s FAST! (and fun).


I pretty much agree with llama. Especially the part about how fast it is over !